Saturday, April 23, 2016

Shakespeare! post by Viola

Hello everyone Viola here, or should I say friends, romans country men, lend me your ears.

so...guess what today I found this on google :

(Image from Google Doodles,
William  Shakespeare!!! 

today we are celebrating Shakespeare's death. 

He has created  so many plays, such as.

Hamlet Prince of Denmark , Hamlet is Shakespeare's famous 
tragedy and his longest play, it's about a prince named Hamlet who 
is trying to get his kingdom back from his uncle! 

Twelfth Night  that's one of my favorites, fair Viola has lost her brother Sebastian at sea,
Viola thinks Sebastian is dead and Sebastian thinks Viola is dead. Viola has a plan though, 
           she will disguise  herself  as a boy  and go by the name Cesario.

Romeo and Juliet A love story (Which I would put in the category Tragedy) of Fair Juliet and Handsome Romeo falling in love, but they can't get married because their families have been enemies for so many years.... 

As You Like It     *Ahem* Rosalind and her cousin Celia, are watching a boxing match, Rosalind has fallen in love with the young boxer. Surprisingly he wins. but they are unable to marry, and Rosalind is banished from the kingdom. But she has a plan, she and Celia will disguise themselves as a sister and brother.  Rosalind dresses up as a boy because she is taller. Rosalind takes the name Ganymede, and Celia takes the name Aliena. Together they go off into the forest.

The Tempest  Fair Miranda and her father are lost on a deserted Island. Luckily her father Prospero has a spirit for help,Ariel....

These are a few of my favorite plays and Happy



Monday, April 18, 2016


Hi! Or maybe I should say something more dramatic or quote a character...okay, okay, so, here is what I was going to tell you that you may get see a lot of posts about welcoming home dolls, not because I got these dolls on the same day (and they will not appear on the same day in the photo stories). But don't worry, I will still be doing the Secrets of the Forest series.


Saturday, April 2, 2016

A short story (That may be continued)

I normally post some of my stories on my other blog Adventures Awaits but not all my stories...Any way, sometimes art or my own art inspires a story the story is:

Wikipedia John William waterhouse (I didn't draw this)

“You can’t go” I cried , tears trickling down my cheeks. “But I most. It’s for the country” said my brother. he was a knight at the court of Queen Lida , who role the kingdom wisely, but unfortunately this quest he was going on happened to be defeating a dragon! yes…you may think it is so easy….it is not, it is actually very hard. “I promise I will come back , If I die I die a hero” he said. “Sir Alex are you coming?” asked a knight. “Yes of course” he said, when he turned to leave I stopped him, “Before you go…take this” I said, and handed him a handkerchief , which had my name on it:
Morgan. “Keep it close, and don’t lose it” I added. I gave him one last hug..and he mounted his horse…and rode into the sunset…