Sunday, October 31, 2021

The Psychic (A Lyrical Photo Shoot)


Happy Halloween everyone!
Here is a lyrical photo shoot I made to celebrate. The poem is about a ghost and psychic girl being friends: 

                                                         I always knew from the beginning, 
                                                        That the veil between the dead and living was thinning, 
                                                        I could see what others couldn't see... 

                                                        And that was meant to be. 
I never felt alone, 
Not in a bad way should I say, 
For I had a friend that I would see from day to day, 
She was sweet, 
She was kind, 
And I would often think about her at the back of my mind, 

I could see and feel what others couldn't, 
Maybe even that some wouldn't, 

I never prided myself on that, 
Because it is simply just a simple fact, 

I could see those who I had lost, 
To the other side had crossed...

...And I would often see her, 
The leafs around me would stir, 
And I could see and feel her, 

People claim to be able to see these visions, 
Usually you will know it is false if their story has gone through several revisions, 

What I saw though isn't fake, 
If it was, I am sure a ghost's heart would break, 

It is real, 
I know because I feel...

She often gently squeezes my hand, 
which makes me feel quite glad, 

Even though she is made out of thin air, 
She is both beautiful and fair, 

People wonder why I spend time alone, 
The truth is even when I am alone, 
I am not really alone... 

For she is here with me. 

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Have you had any paranormal experiences? And which character is your favorite the Psychic or the Ghost Girl? 

Thursday, October 21, 2021

What's Happening in This Picture #4 (My Favorite Captions + Voting)

Hello everyone, 

It was fun to see what everyone came up with for this picture. 😊

Here are some of my favorite captions from this round of What is Happening in This Picture? Once again, if your caption didn't get chosen, please don't feel bad. I can only choose a small number of captions for each contest. Even if you don't get chosen this time, you will have a chance to leave another caption on the next one. 

    Caption by Hailey at Hailey's Joyful Dolls

Hara: Come Aphrodite we have to get this just right

Aphrodite: Ugh why are we even recreating this stupid painting anyway?

Hara: It's not stupid it's a work of art

    Caption by Christine at Christine's blog

Aphrodite, you didn't get vaccinated did you, that's irresponsible! 

Hera, I don't see Covid as a threat, I am a Goddess!

    Caption by Sadie at Cinnamon Bears and Salsa AG

Hera: Expelliarmus!
Aphrodite: Hera! This isn’t a Harry Potter roleplay! This is Lord of the Rings!

Here is how you can vote for your favorite caption, you can either do it through this form (which is anonymous) or you can vote for your favorites down below in the comments section. 


Sunday, October 10, 2021

Morning Yoga (A Lyrical Photo Shoot)

Hello everyone, I thought I would do another lyrical photo shoot, and I am giving people time to leave captions on this post. On with the photo shoot, the poem was inspired by my experience with yoga: 

Your hair in a ponytail is tied, 
Thoughts in your mind flied, 

Thinking about the things you've done, 
Mistakes you've frowned upon, 
                                                          How life continues to go on 

You take a deep breath, 
Letting the breath remove what little thoughts you have left, 
Disappear into the depth, 
Of your mind, 

Meditation is the key, 
From life's sufferings to be free, 
You place your leg upon your knee, 
And imagine yourself becoming a tree, 

You stretch, 
Feeling like you will get your body to its best, 
Breathing deeper with every breath, 
Your mind sometimes moves, 
But you tune it out with tunes, 
of Ooo, ah, and eee, 
And your mind feels free, 

You sit with your legs curved, 
Your body no longer feels nervous or unnerved, 
With that you clasp your hands together, 
Feeling much better, 
You then say "Namaste!"
And are ready for the rest of your day!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Have you ever done yoga? If so, what is your favorite yoga pose? 

Friday, October 1, 2021

What's Happening in This Picture #3 (+ Winning Caption )

Hello everyone, 

I am happy to announce the winner of this round's What's Happening In This Picture? 

Congratulations, Sadie at Cinnamon Bears and Salsa AG you won this round! Here's the caption: 

    Z: Tenney! What are you doing? Get down from there right this instant.
Tenney: oh, you know me. Always coloring outside of the lines and finding new ways to capture my creativity in a brand new way…….

                                                 Now for new a photo to caption... 

What are Hera and Aphrodite doing? Why are they pointing at each other? 
Are they cursing each other or working together magically? Put your caption in the comments down below.