Sunday, June 6, 2021

Pixie Hollow Rewrites (Part Three)

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Hello everyone,  

I thought I'd do another post about FairyABC, given that I haven't done one in a while:  

You can also watch it here

People on the FairyABC forums have been doing cosplays for a while, so around that time I thought I would join in the fun. I ended up doing cosplays of characters from Star Trek and The Hobbit

You can also watch it here

                                       I also ended up doing a drawing of my water fairy, Amethyst
                        and talking about the new updates to version 2 of the Pixie Hollow rewrite. 

In other updates FairyABC got version 1 of their rewrite to work again for new players, so I decided to check it out, and I made a new fairy for that version: 

Newt the animal talent fairy. 😉

I'm still figuring that version of the game, so I'm not going to talk about how many fairies you can create in that version. (That is one thing I am still figuring it out.) But the game itself runs on servers, meaning people have to open a server on their own. So, if you want to join the game when a server isn't open, just press "open server" and join the game in a different tab. 

One thing that is different about the versions is that you can't really preview anything that your fairy is wearing, so you have to click "get" in order to see it. Also the dye shop in general is different. Instead of getting the clothes from your fairy's wardrobe, you dye the clothes that your fairy is currently wearing.  

Also, in terms of things to do in the rewrite there are more places to visit than in 2.0. 
The ones listed in this picture were not part of the original game, but they are really amazing
and have a lot to explore within them. One (The Realm) is even high Fantasy themed.  

Also one thing that they have taken out of 2.0 that was in 1.0 is  animations of leaves and snow falling in the different season areas. So in 1.0 your fairy can be standing in the middle of it, and it's so cool looking. Though it is hard to capture in a screen shot, I will show it when I make a video on my YouTube channel about 1.0. 

There are also so many more things I have yet to explore in version 1.0 that I haven't yet. In the video I will cover more of that. 
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Which version of Fairy ABC's rewrite do you prefer: v. 1 or v. 2? And why?