Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Custom Doll Project (part one): Giving Her New hair.

Hello everyone,
Today I am going to show you a custom doll project I have been working on. 
Here it is:

I found a doll that had very tangled hair and was not in the best condition to customize, and fix.
She is a Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Rapunzel Doll.  Her hair was very, very tangled...er matted. so I decided to fix it by giving her new hair.

To fix her hair I considered doing a full reroot which would mean taking off  her head. Though having had one bad experience trying to do that, I decided to cut off her hair instead and replace it with yarn (similar to my doll colonial hairstyle post).

So, I began cutting off her hair:
Considering how tangled and matted her hair was, it was a little hard to cut it off. 

At this point in the picture her hair reminds
me a little of Princess Diana's or Kes's hair (from Star Trek: Voyager).
Once all of her hair had been cut off except for a few pieces of hair, which would be useful for helping the yarn stay on. 

I got out my yarn of choice which was bright red and then started hot gluing it to my doll's head. I didn't have the brush I usually
use to brush out the yarn to make it look more like real hair. Instead, I unraveled the yarn and gave her a long and curly hairstyle.



Do you like the way she turned out? Have you ever customized a doll before? 

P.S. In Part Two I plan to repaint her face.