Thursday, September 24, 2020

Pixie Hollow Rewrites (Part one)

                  Pixie Hollow was a virtual world that was up until 2013. It was a beautiful and amazing I loved the fairy creating portion of it. However it closed and I was very upset for a little while...

One thing I loved about the game was the character creation part of it, where you could create your character or remake them over and over again. I always created a new fairy when I played the game. And just enjoyed changing the talent around. There about three slots you could fill for the fairies so I always ended up deleting a fairy in order to create a new one.  The only thing I didn't like was that you and to pay to get certain things, it was a game that helped the company earn money so it was not surprising but still I didn't like that aspect. I took a break from the game for a little and then when I came back I was sad to find out that Disney had removed it.

What you see when you enter the site 
And then in 2020 four years later from the time that Fairy ABC had decided to create their own rewrite of the game, I found it. I was looking through articles about Pixie Hollow when a "fan community, FairyABC, has created a "rewrite" of the game, as of 2016. Users there can join a virtual world similar to Pixie Hollow, but without many features of the original games." - Wikipedia.
I was both surprised and intrigued, so I decided to check it out and created an account and entered the magical world of Pixie Hollow...
I created a fairy to begin with, and loved how the opening and choosing of talents felt like the old game. Even if it was more limited in some ways. 

My original goal when I entered was to recreate one of my old fairies, who had been extremely tall for a fairy and had long black hair that was tied back in a braid. But in the end I decided to create a new fairy. Though I may end up making her looking that fairy in the future. I started exploring the game and soon found out you could change your fairy's wings... 

I ended up giving my fairy dragon wings. Which was something I couldn't do in the old game, and if I could I am pretty sure Disney would have made it a premium option.

I began playing around with what my character wore, and it felt like a paper doll game, except where your paper doll will blink and sit if you want them to. I also love that I can give my fairy Bobble's glasses. 
I was never able to create a sparrowman in the old game because it closed before I actually wanted to, it was an option when I played but I just wasn't interested. So now I realized I wanted to make one, so I did. 

This game also allows you to have six slots for the amount of fairies or sparrowman you can create which is double what you had in the old Pixie Hollow, So I'm saving my others for later and currently just building these two characters and their houses. 
The game does glitch and overload from time to time causing you to go in and out of the game and bugs will happen, but it doesn't make me annoyed I'm just glad this exists. 

One of the funniest bugs has to be my water talent changing into a tea making talent. 🤣
The tea making talent is a talent you can choose, but it was one that my fairy isn't. 

There a lot of pros in this game, which outweigh any cons, because the community in the game is usually pretty active, and users are generally welcoming and are willing to help you figure out how to do something or tell you if they know about a bug and which stores are and aren't working at the moment and if you click a button it may cause you to reload the page. 
And one of the bonuses of this game, is that they have other talents that didn't appear in the original game, a fast flying talent, a performing talent, a writing talent, a tea making talent. 

(Image from Disney Fairies wiki, 

Because of this I intend to have more of the talents that weren't in the (original) game than the talents that were, though I chose to pick one of my favorites of the original game's talents. Which is Water talent partly because of Rani from the original story books.  Also I love the irony that my Water fairy has red hair and dragon wings which is something you would usually attribute to fire. 

If what you are missing is the game playing part of Pixie Hollow, then there is a version of it called We The Pixies (or WTP) where they are recreating some of the old games. However, it doesn't save the fairies you create like Fairy ABC, so you have to restart every time. If you like just restarting every time and not building your fairy over time, then this version of it you may be okay with. Given that it focuses more on the gaming of it, rather than the fairy building. Though it doesn't have the sort of community that Fairy ABC has which has been growing for years. 

Their version of creating the fairy is somewhat similar to what I remember to what one of the first Pixie Hollow games was like, it doesn't allow you to create a sparrowman (yet), but they say it will come in the future. And perhaps in the future you will be able to save your fairies too. 

They only have one meadow in it, but that meadow has one of the games I remember playing in it. 
Which was the fish game that Silvermist had in the old game: you are rescuing fish and over time it steadily gets harder. 

One thing it has is more than one way to sit down, you can sit or kneel down. While in Fairy ABC you can only sit down. 

At the moment, I feel this rewrite is in its early stages, it may end up getting much more complex over time. But I would say WTP is mostly something I would go to, if I wanted to play some of the games from Pixie Hollow rather than building my character and traveling around the game. 

So in the end the choices between which rewrite you want to play is up to, your interests. I love character creation and developing a character over time so I would play Fairy ABC's, however if you like playing games where there is a challenge to complete I suggest We the Pixies, and if you are alright with having to create a new character every time you play too. I generally like being able to keep my characters and have it remember them instead of starting it like I have never played it before, so that's just my preferences. 

Since I have only played the game for a short period of time, and there are still discoveries I am making this is going to be made into a series exploring the different areas and things one can do in ABC Fairy's Pixie Hollow. 
Have any of you played the old Pixie Hollow? Are you interested in the rewrites? And if so, which is your favorite?