Wednesday, October 31, 2018

How to Protect Yourself During Halloween (post by Ichabod Crane.)

(Before reading this post: The following is written by the character, Ichabod Crane, 
 from Washington Irving's book: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, not the horror movie character.) 
I have no idea what that is about ..I know I am myself, so why do internet people need to know this? but never mind.
So, if like me, you are terrified of Halloween (it is my least favorite time of the year),
here are some basic protective charms that have come in handy for me... and perhaps will work for you, too:

Lucky Charms to Save You From Danger, Ghosts, and Death: 

A Cross or other religious symbols- Some spirits don't lke crosses, vampires if you see a vampire, be sure to hold up your cross.

Garlic- This will also ward off vampires...if you have no crosses at hand.

Salt - I know what your thinking, if spilling salt is bad luck, why do you need to carry around salt? Well, fairies can't handle salt.

Horseshoes- This will also prevent you from being touched (or kidnapped) by the fay.

Four leaf clovers- Are rare and hard to find, but if you carry around one, you will have good luck.

Things to avoid doing:
Spilling Salt- This is extremely bad luck. Avoid it at all costs. Avoid salting your food on Halloween. Though it may taste awful, it's better than bad luck.

Breaking Mirrors- This is worse than spilling salt. So, to avoid it, try not to look into mirrors or even touch them. But if you can't avoid a mirror, because you have to fix your hair or something, then use the mirror, but put it in a safe place where it won't break when you are finished.

Walking alone at night- Nothing bad has happened yet, when I have walked alone at night from the school house (or Van Tassel's house). However on Halloween, you should try to avoid walking alone at all costs. Stay the night at whatever place you may be, unless of course they push you out for some reason, then just run as fast as you can home.

Walking under ladders- This is a bad idea, and very bad luck.
What do you think of Halloween? Do you think it's as terrifying as I think it is?
Some people say I will give it a go,
Have a Happy* Halloween! 
-Ichabod Crane  

*As in a safe ghost free one. 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Doll Photography #8

Hi everyone, 
I think today is a perfect day to do a Doll Photography post, 
let's begin: 

I like the way this picture of Hestia looks. 

I like the way her dress looks against the bricks. 

Even though this photo of Esmeralda is a little too bright, 
I still like the angle of it. 

One thing I like about this photo is that you can see the texture of the flower.

                                Which photo is your favorite? 


P.S. I had a American Girl doll story which I wrote and took pictures for, however, I lost a part of it, and until I find the part I lost I can't post it...but when I find it, I will post it. Since it may take me some time to find it, I probably will post the final part of Tracy Comes to Visit, before then.