Saturday, March 30, 2019

Q's Creative Corner's Blogiversary (post by Dr. Crusher)

Hello blog readers,
I was asked to write a blog post for Q's Creative Corner's Blogiversary.
This seemed like an interesting task so I accepted.

I did some research and the first blog post was made on the 30th of March in the year 2016.
Which for me is very long ago, since I live in the 2300s. :)
Anyway getting back to reality, I am supposed to talk about the blog itself.

So I'll start by interviewing the other people who have posted on this blog,
starting with Legolas Greenleaf.

My text color: Blue

Legolas's text color: Green

What did you like most about posting on Q's Creative Corner? 

Ummm....Umm...That's a difficult question. Is there a reason why you brought me here? Am I getting sick? 

You are not, Legolas, don't worry. I'll make the question easier to answer. What do you like most about the blog? 

About, the, the color. The color is what I like. 

The color? 

Yes, the blue is beautiful. 

I agree with you on that. Anyway, what was posting on the blog like for you? 



I had to write a blog post about my was incredibly difficult, considering what he has done. Also, is this a patient-doctor thing? 

Legolas, this is a blog post.

Yes, but you can keep this as patient doctor privilege? 

Legolas, if you want I can erase it. 

No, don't. Or else you won't have anything to post. 


Anyway, I do have to, hunt orcs... 

Well, that was my interview with Legolas. 

Next person, I mean goddess to interview is Aphrodite.

My text color is the same as before.
But Aphrodite's is pink

What did you like most about posting on Q's Creative Corner? 

Not that I am not popular among mortals, but, I thought it was wonderful to post on this "blog", because I got even more popular among mortals, and I found that they needed a goddess to make a post for Eros's special day. 

Interesting, and what do you like most about Q's Creative Corner in general? 

The fact that I show up in the posts.

Are you excited for Q's Creative Corner's "Blogiversary"? 

If it involves me, then yes, if not no... 

You do realize you're in a blog post for it right? 

Oh, of course I do, then to answer your question I am excited. 

Also, has your son, Wesley developed any romantic relationships yet, Beverly? 

Aphrodite, that is a personal question, anyway moving on... 

Has he? 

Aphrodite, even if you're a goddess I will not be answering a personal question...
this interview is finished.

Next person I will be interviewing is Apple White.

As usual my text color is the same
while hers is Purple 

What did you like most about posting on Q's Creative Corner? 

The fact that I get to respond to comments, really, comments are so fun to respond to... 

I can see why you think they are. So, what's your favorite thing about Q's Creative Corner in general? 

Hmmm...I don't know, I guess...the comments section. 


And I really do have to go, I have a dance to get to, see you later, Dr. Crusher! 

As you can see my interview with Apple was cut short, but for my next interview I will be interviewing Esmeralda... 

Her text color will be Yellow 

What did you like most about posting on Q's Creative Corner? 

Getting to show the blog viewers my animal pet shop, with all its cute creatures ranging from dragons to winged cats. Oh and go to Avalor's pet shop, you might find a pet you like! It's located in Avalor, you could find a pet that you love-- 

Umm...I don't think you were supposed to advertise your shop. 

Sorry, anyway, do you have a second question for me to answer?

Okay, what's your favorite thing about Q's Creative Corner in general? 

Hmmm....the fact that I was able to give a tour of my pet shop. It felt so good and got more customers... 

That's wonderful. 

*Animal noises sound in the background* I should probably go take care of them, anyway thank you, and happy blogiversary to Q's Creative Corner. 

My final interview will be with the town schoolmaster, Ichabod Crane, his text color will be Gray 

H-hello, is this where the interview is supposed to take place? D-did you make sure there were no ghosts, goblins, hob goblins-- 

Don't worry I checked... 

Also is there a reason why you're interviewing us in Sickbay? Did the people before me catch some sort of illness and you didn't want to scare them because you-- 

No, they didn't have an illness, don't worry. 

But do I!? 

You don't... 

Check me just in case! 

*sighs and brings out Tricorder* No, you don't have an illness... 
Anyway, what did you like most about posting on Q's Creative Corner? 

You are saying that in a past tense, am I going to die!?

*sighs* No, Ichabod you're not *shows him the scans* 

Oh...thank goodness. 

I'll ask it in a different way, what do you like most about posting on Q's Creative Corner? 

I like...that I got to warn everyone reading my"post" that Halloween is a scary and dangerous holiday that you must be careful when walking around during that night. 

Alright. So what's your favorite thing about Q's Creative Corner in general? 

Umm...I didn't really look at it. I was kind of busy....with, um, Katrina. 

Alright? But what do you like most about the concept of it? 

Oh, I find it interesting that the person running the "blog" shares aspects of our lives with the world. Perhaps that will help me court Katrina better and...

Ichabod, you do realize everyone will hear what you just said about Katrina? Right? 

Well, Brom never showed his face on the "blog", I find that cowardly for the town hero, not to want to even appear on Q's Creative Corner. So, don't remove that, I think Brom deserves to know. Since the "blog readers" might think I should marry the beautiful Katrina... 

Alright. So, are you excited for Q's Creative Corner's blogiversary? 

Yes, I am, since it is on not on Halloween! Halloween is the worst time of the year, but the blogiversary is in fact in glorious March...but, I should really be going, I have, court Katrina. 

This was my last interview for today, I should probably mention the they got kind of weird after a while, but... I'll leave you with a conversational question for the comments section.
Do you have a favorite post from Q's Creative Corner? 
-Dr. Beverly Crusher 
P.S. Here are the links to the blog posts: 
Legolas's Blog Post, Aphrodite's blog posts 1 and 2, Apple White's Blog post. Esmeralda's blog post, Ichabod's blog post

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Princess Rowena (a Photoshoot)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone! :D 

To celebrate I thought I would post a photo shoot that I had been saving of Rowena: 

I like this angle. 

I like how this photo turned out. I actually didn't edit it at all. 

I like the way this one turned out. 

Which photo is your favorite?

Monday, March 4, 2019

Custom Doll Project: Titania

Hello everyone.
I thought I would share another custom doll project, which I finished.
In this doll project I didn't use a reference for how the character looks, though there have been multiple versions of the character, Titania, from Shakespeare.
I decided I would do my version of Titania instead of someone else's.
So let's begin:

This doll always reminded me of Titania, so I thought 
I would turn her into Titania, with a little repainting. 
(But with no nail polish remover, I have not yet figured out 
how to safely use it on a doll without accidentally removing a layer of plastic.
So if anyone has done this successfully on one of their dolls, I would love to hear about it
in the comments.) 

The first thing I did was paint over her lips, 
and make them redder. 

And then I took a gold paint marker, and began dabbing gold 
spots underneath her eyes. 

The next thing I did was to paint a crown onto her head, 
which was inspired Boudica
And took a white paint marker and covered over her existing irises. 

And then started making my own, which were in a different place 
than the original. 

Then I took a green paint marker which was more vibrant than her original eye color
and began painting it over. 

I then added in red parts at the corners of her eyes to 
make it look more realistic. 

The first time I added the pupils in, it didn't look right, 
so I waited for it to dry and painted over them with green.

I then painted on yellow and gold eye liner and eyeshadow. 

I then added reflections in the eyes, by adding white dots,
and made her bottom eyelashes more visible. 

Once I finished painting over her existing paint, 
I used Mod Podge to stop it from scratching off. 
I found out later, that the Mod Podge had a gloss finish, 
but it felt perfect for her, since Titania is an immortal fairy. 

Next I began working on her outfit, 
I used brown felt and began gluing on silk leaves and flowers. 

Next I glued on two pipe cleaners, and started adding on silk 

While working on her wings I also glued on 
some sequins. 

And then I glued the wings onto her dress. 

Before:                                            After:

Which character from A Midsummer Night's Dream is your favorite?
Have you ever done a full doll repaint before?