Sunday, December 27, 2020

Pixie Hollow Rewrites (Part Two)

Hi everyone, 
So, I kind of forgot to make a post for holidays this year.
However, it doesn't mean I won't do one next year. Also in the new year, I intend to post some more doll customizations and also some AGSMs (American Girl Stop Motions).  Both these things take a long time to do, and since I won't be able to go to the thrift store (due to COVID-19) I will be posting customizations from a long time ago. (Last year and before that). 

So since we're done with this brief update, let's move onto the post: 

I talked about creating a fairy whose talent was not in the original game, here he is. 
I decided I would make a Pixie dust talent. I decided to remake Alex (and ended up changing his name to Axel) and make him into a Pixie dust talent instead of an animal talent. 

For Amethyst, the fairy you have been seeing around in part one, 
I finally decorated a few parts of her house. 

I always loved the water fairies's houses in the game for some reason.

I can't tell whether the addition of the pixie dust tree is recent or not, but 
seeing Queen Clarion inside was pretty awesome. I love that she looks just like the movie version of her character. Also the pixie dust falling down moves.  

If you fly around, you will find things hidden around the tree, which is cool. 

I took screenshots of the game while playing it. However, I realized it didn't show how the game works as well as it would to show a recording of it. So I did a recording and here it is: 

You can also watch it here 

Some of the things I mention, including Amethyst's house are much easier to see and experience with 
the video.  (Though I didn't include The Pixie Dust tree, that will be included in the next video. 😉) 

Which house do you prefer the Water Fairy House or the Pixie Dust fairy house? And if you were a fairy what talent would you have?