Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Custom Doll: Steampunk-Cyborg (Belated Blog Anniversary Special)

Hello everyone, 
This was meant to be posted on March 30th (the date of my blog's creation). 
But then a lot happened, so instead we will be celebrating Q's Creative Corner's blog anniversary very late. 

I thought it would be fun to film myself doing doll customizations, not only because I had seen doll customizers who inspired me to do this, but also because then I would be showing it in a way that wasn't just pictures. That way, you (the audience or reader) could see it and see how I do it, and maybe learn from it if you are interested in it. So, here it is: 

You can also watch it here
I hope in the future that I will be able to produce more videos like this, for this blog. 
Who is your favorite Doll customizer on YouTube? 
Would you like to see more videos like this on my blog in the future?