Saturday, September 24, 2022

Autumn is Here (A Photo Shoot)

I decided it was time to share this photoshoot with Leah. Since we just celebrated the Equinox, I thought this photo shoot of Leah wearing summer clothes while playing in the leaves, showing a transition from summer to autumn, was fitting. 

Here it is: 

I really like the colors in this photo.

Leah's sloth decided to join in. 

My dog ended up in this photo, but I like it anyway. 

Leah's Sloth is enjoying the leaves. 

I like the profile shot in this photo. 
I really like this photo with her compass. 

Which photo is your favorite? And is there an activity, or holiday you're looking forward to this autumn?

Friday, September 16, 2022

What's Happening in This Picture #12 (+ Voting)

 Hello everyone, 
I enjoyed reading everyone's captions. Now it is time for voting... 

                                    Caption from Ananka from Ananka's Photos

         Molly: "Oh I forgot it was the Renaissance Fair today! I would have changed my dress!"

                                           Caption from Anonymous 

Molly: "I think I said the spell correctly. Keep your eyes closed, you should feel yourself levitate any minute!"

And here is the way you can vote for your favorite one. You can either vote on this Google form here (which is anonymous, it won't record any information about you), or you can comment down below and choose your favorite caption from this post: 


Saturday, September 10, 2022

Rainbow (A Photo Shoot)

Hello everyone, 
I thought it was time for another photoshoot. I posted one of the photos from this photoshoot in the Doll Photography post, but I decided to post the rest of the photos now: 

I really like the angle of this photo. 

I might make this her profile photo. 

I like how it looks like she is leaning against a fence. 

Which photo is your favorite? What meanings do rainbows hold for you? 



Friday, September 2, 2022

How Z & Sarah Became Friends | A Photo Story

Hi everyone, 

So you may want to know the backstory behind the photo I had you caption in What's Happening in This Picture? back in January. The short story behind it is very different than the winning caption. While I took the photos awhile ago, I figured it was time now to post the short story. This story has no correlation really to Red Coats on the Horizon, except for the fact that it features Sarah and Z, and it shows you how they met and became friends. 

But as for Red Coats on the Horizon, I do have plans to post the finale sometime in the near future. 

Let's begin: 

Sarah decided she needed a break from her sisters, who tended to come up with wild ideas, that she usually had to stop in some fashion, right now all she wanted was some time alone

She thought over what had been happening recently, with the plays her sisters had been putting on. 
New friends and relations...She felt her mind was overwhelmed, and she just wanted to listen to the sound of nature, so she did. 

She listened to the birds in the trees. She was certain she could hear crows cawing in the distance and wild-animals scampering around, however, the only thing she did not notice was...

Z was trying to film something for her YouTube Channel: 
"Hello. Z here. I have come to talk to all of you today about AG's newest doll releases, and what this means for the--" Z began, pressing record on her camera. 


Sarah and Z both collapsed onto the ground,  

Z stood up quickly, picking up her camera. She stopped it from recording and looked at Sarah. 

"Oops" muttered Sarah, looking over at the new girl. "Sorry that I photobombed your..." she paused, she had done more than photobombing Z's recording: she had disrupted it. 
"...Recording" Sarah finished.

The new girl laughed, "It's fine-- I mean, it was a bit surprising and it hurt a bit. But I'll have something to include in the bloopers of my video." 

"Oh" said Sarah. 

"If you want, of course." the girl added quickly, "I'm Z by the way..." 

"I'm Sarah--" 

"It's nice to meet you!" They shook hands. 

"So anyway, now that you're here-- I was wondering if American Girl dolls and would be interested in discussing their newest releases with me. It was not my original plan to discuss it with someone, but...why not?" 

"All right. That sounds fun!" said Sarah... 

The Discussion- 

Z: Okay-- so now everyone meet Sarah. She is going to talk with me today about AG's newest releases-- 

Sarah: Yes, I'm very excited for this. 

Z: Alright, so...the first up is Claudie. She's the new historical character from the 1920s...

(Image from American Girl,

Sarah: Her meet outfit is so cute, and I love her hair. 

Z: Agreed, I really want to own her dress now. And also her backstory sounds so interesting. 
Next up...Molly: 

(Image from American Girl,

Sarah: I remember that they released a mini doll of her whose glasses were different. I'm glad they kept her old design, because it looks a lot better. 

Z: Yeah, her new Beforever Mini Doll glasses did look a lot more modern. Though honestly were glasses I wanted to wear.  

And lastly the new Wellie Wisher boy doll Bryant... 

(Image from American Girl,

Sarah: He's...Okay. I don't know why, but I wish there was a Wellie Wisher with a dragon theme that was a girl. You know girls can like dragons too. 

Z: Yeah, the only ones they have that are interested in magical creatures are interested in "girly" ones, even though girls and boys can like whatever they want and really no creatures are "boyish" or "girly." 

Sarah: Agreed. It would be cool if there was a girl Wellie Wisher that liked dragons-- and a boy one liked unicorns that would be way more interesting.

Z: So, of all the new dolls which one is your favorite? My viewers want to know. 

Sarah: Uh, For me it's a tie between Molly and Claudie. But probably Molly-- if I were to pick only one, she's a classic. 

Z: Oh my favorite is Claudie, I love her hair and her outfits-- the whole 1920s theme is awesome-- way more awesome than Courtney who I feel should not be labeled 'historical.' 

Sarah: Anyway, I hope AG keeps bringing back dolls that were retired and also makes more historical dolls. 

Z: I do too. Thank you for coming on, Sarah! This was a fun video to make!

Have you ever met a new friend in an unexpected way? What do you think of AG's newest dolls?