Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Fun Things to Do During the Winter Holidays (post by Tenney and Z)

Hello everyone, this is Z and Tenney sending holiday cheer!

We hope you're having a happy third day of Hanukah!  Or a good Christmas Eve, if you celebrate Christmas, or are looking forward to Kwanzaa which begins in two days, or had a good Winter Solstice, or are enjoying whichever holiday you celebrate since there are so many around the globe.
We thought to make everyone feel welcome, we would make a post that everyone would enjoy, and not feel left out of.

Here are some fun things to do over the winter holidays...

1. Do a winter themed stop motion animation. 

I (Z) always love doing stop motion animations with my AG dolls (and my other dolls as well). It can be fun to do stop motions that have themes related to winter.

2. Take photos outside of your doll in the snow* 

*If it snows where you are. You may want to be careful about what types of dolls you bring out for this. If it is an American girl doll, Carpantia, or a Girl For All Time, there is a possibility that their eyes may rust or they may get damaged.

I (Z) love doing this, since the photos I take tend to turn out beautiful when it is snowing, and it gives it really festive feel.

3. Write a winter themed song 

This is an activity that I (Tenney) enjoy doing during the holidays. The song could be about the snow flakes falling down and how beautiful it is this time of the year.

4. Film a music video or video outside side in the snow* 

*if it snows where you are. 

This has a cool (quite literately) effect to it, that both of us can agree on. And it makes it even better if your song or movie has a winter theme to it.

5. Read winter/holiday related books to get into the spirit of the holidays 

There are so many fun winter related books to read during the holidays, whether they be about your holiday or merely winter itself.
What are some of your favorite things to do during the winter holidays? Feel free to share some of your own ideas in the comment section below! 

Happy holidays!