Thursday, June 23, 2022

A Fine Summer's Day (A Photo Shoot)


                                                           Hello everyone, 

                  I thought today was great day for a photo shoot, anf the doll who would be perfect for it, would be: Tauriel's and Legolas's daughter, Astrid. I made a photo shoot with her, before here, but she wasn't alone. So I figured it was time for her to have a photo shoot of her own. 

And a quick reminder, you can still leave a caption on this round's What's Happening in this Picture here

But back to this post let's begin: 

I really like this photo. 

I like the angle of this photo. 

I think this photo is one of my favorites. 

I really like this photo for some reason. 

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Which photo is your favorite? What is your favorite part about summer? 


Wednesday, June 15, 2022

What's Happening in This Picture #10 (+ Winning Caption)

                                    Hello everyone, 

I'm happy to announce the winner of this round's What's Happening in This Picture: 

Congratulations, Anonymous you've won this round! Here's the caption: 

 Felicity and Elizabeth were playing a rather intense game of hide and seek. Felicity thought she had the best hiding place, but Elizabeth found her anyway.

                                               Now for a new photo to caption: 

What are Isabelle (left) and Marie-Grace (right) doing? 
Why are they wearing clothes that appear to be for different seasons? 
 Post your caption in the comments down below. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Doll Photography #9

     Previous parts: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, and #8 

I was looking through my blog, and realized I had not continued this series in a while. Basically, it is photos that weren't included in photo shoots, or photos that couldn't be made into a long photo shoot. 

This time around all the photos in this post were taken for different photo shoots which I will include in the post. 

Let's begin: 

This is a photo of Gwinna. I like how her hair looks. 
It didn't end up getting into this photo shoot
But I do like how it looks like a portrait. 

This was taken for a yoga themed photo shoot. I tried to make her do a side-bridge like pose. 
I like how it turned out. 

I really like this photo of Elm, because of the angle. Though this photo unfortunately didn't get included in this photo shoot

I really like this photo it looks like she is meditating. 

I really like the close up of her clothes-- it allows me to see all the details of her shirt and skirt. 

I like this photo, but I do feel that the lighting is off

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Which photo is your favorite? 

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Magic is in the Air (A Lyrical Photo Shoot)

It's been a while since I did a lyrical photo shoot, so I thought I would do one with Emerson. Let's begin: 
Many aren't brave enough to believe in magic, 
I find it rather tragic, 
Because if you walk through life, 
Full of strife, 
You will never have a glimmer of hope lighting your way 

Instead you will have stress and worries leading you astray. 

I try to see the magic in the world around me, 
I believe there are fairies living in the old oak tree, 
And a mermaid who set a fisherman's boat free. 

I believe magic exists everywhere, 
And that it is in the very air. 

People just don't want to believe 

But unlike them, I will believe. 

I will believe in the unbelievable, 
I will believe in the unseeable. 

Believe in ghosts and the fay, 
In the vast array, 
of fantastical beasts. 

But in the very least, 
I will be strong enough to believe in... 
What's your favorite fantastical creature? (Emerson's favorite is of course a unicorn) 
And what is your favorite photo or verse from the lyrical photo shoot?