Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Custom Doll Project: Fairy Girl

Hello everyone,
 I didn't post this right away due to the fact that the holidays came up and I already had a holiday post. 

 Shall we begin?: 

I started out by using a Tinker Bell doll since her ears would already be pointy and I wouldn't need to use clay to make them that way.  

Then I removed her paint by using non-acetone nail polish remover. 
(After that I ran her under sink water, as it is bad for the polish remover to stay on her face.) 

I then cut her blonde hair and glued on red yarn. 

Then I painted on purple dots to begin her eyes. 

The I outlined her eyes in black and gave her a pupil. (Sometimes this step has to be done over and over, because the pupil sometimes looks wonky.) 

I then did the other parts of her face. I dotted her face with other paint markers, 
and gave her blue lips (this was later changed to green, but I don't have a photo of it) and orange colored eyebrows. 

I also then made her an outfit, using felt, and gave her silk leaf wings, which I then also dotted on with paint markers.  

The last thing I did was to add glitter glue to her. The glitter took a lot of time to dry, but in the end it looked great. 



What is your favorite story or stories involving fairies? Also, who are some of your favorite fairy characters?