Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Sibling Tag

I was tagged by-- er I mean, Molly and Emily were tagged by Tenney and Aria at The Bookworm Blog. And Felicity and Marie Grace were tagged by Caroline and Josefina at Hailey's Joyful Dolls

Molly and Emily: Thank you so much, Tenney and Aria!

Felicity and Marie-Grace: Thank you, Caroline and Josefina! 

                                                                    The logo: 

The Rules- 

 -Thank the person who nominated you.

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-Include the original graphic or make your own.

-Include a clean copy of the rules and questions in your post.

-Answer the questions.

-Tag 3 people or leave the tag open (make sure to let your nominees know).

-Pass on the old questions. (Each pair of nominees can add one favorite item category to the last question.)

Onto the actual tag-- 

Molly and Emily Answer the Questions:

Molly: Uh, is it time to tell everyone that we're not actually siblings? 

Emily: I mean we're not biologically related. We like being around each other-- and we like Anne of Green Gables have called each other "kindred spirits" and what not. We're close...but not siblings...though sometimes we have wished that we were. 

Molly: Right, so we can we change the title of the tag to be The Want-To-Be-Siblings tag? No? Anyway, let's move onto the questions...

What do you enjoy doing with each other?

Emily: Me and Molly like playing pretend-- 

Molly: Though we disagree on what to play pretend as sometimes. I always want to play Hogwarts, and be a wizard. But Emily, uhh-- 

Emily: I would like to play Lord of the Rings or Narnia. I understand that they are all Fantasy stories-- but Lord of the Rings has much better world-building than Harry Potter

Molly: *giggling* Hey! Well at least in Harry Potter, you don't need to be an old wizard in order to do magic, and can learn it by going to school! 

Emily: *giggles* fine-- I guess you're right. But next time we play Harry Potter, I want to be...Newt Scamander. 

Molly: ...He's from Fantastic Beasts...

Emily: I know, but I find the world-building in Fantastic Beasts to be ten times better than Harry Potter. Also the beasts! They're so cute! And I love all the details that are provided about them...

Molly: ...Okay. Um, I should add-- Emily wants to be a published Fantasy author so she can be really judgy about world-building sometimes...

Emily: I'm building my own world, so it helps to be critical of other Fantasy worlds, alright? 

What is one thing you like and one thing you dislike about the other?

Molly: I like how creative Emily is. She is always coming up with new ideas. However, I dislike how judgy she can be about stories, sometimes. 

Emily: I have to analyze them if I want to be a writer, Molly. What I like most about you, is how rebellious you can be. You will break rules sometimes-- other people don't like that but I admire that part of you. The only thing I dislike, and dislike not in a bad way, is how obsessive you can be about stuff. 

What is one thing one of you likes but the other doesn’t?

Molly: Emily loves High Fantasy stories. I prefer Low and Urban Fantasy stories. I just like the idea of magic appearing in the real world. 

Emily: But I prefer High Fantasy, because if you're telling a Fantasy story you may as well make a whole new world for it. Molly, of course, likes going on long hikes but I do not at all. 

Describe the other in 5 or less words.

Molly: For Emily: whimsical, creative, British-- 

Emily: British? That would be like if I described you as American. 

Molly: I wasn't done-- artistic, and thoughtful. 

Emily: Alright, I like everything else...But British? *laughs* That's just my nationality-- not something that defines my entire personality.

 Anyway, for Molly: rebellious, feisty, caring, sweet, and independent. 

Molly: Oh I liked that. 

Emily: And I forgot to add American. 

Molly: You're not over the British thing are you? 

Emily: Nope. 

What are the other’s favorite…


Molly: I like anything but turnips-- it can be anything, just not turnips. 

Emily: Alright? So you don't have a favorite food then. 

Molly: Nah, I just can't think of any food besides turnips right now, but I do have a favorite food...just can't remember it. 

 Emily: Well, I like french toast and blueberry tea. 


Emily: Archery, of course. I want to be an elf, and the elves do archery in Lord of the Rings so of course...archery. 

Molly: That's hard, maybe hiking? Is that a sport? Or running? Something like that. 


Molly: Hmm...We've been discussing Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings a lot, and I am sure the readers know that we love those books. So let's answer with different books. 

Emily: Good idea. Though I am normally against Low Fantasy, (like really against it), I love The Secret of Platform 13

Molly: That's a good one. I love Ella Enchanted and Princess Academy: Palace of Stone. They are both very fairy tale-like Fantasy stories. 

Molly and Emily: And we're going to add one more question on...

                                             Bonus: Song? 

Emily: I have several favorite songs, but I am going to answer this with different songs than the ones that are on my profile. I am going to say "Come and Be Welcome" by Heather Dale because it reminds me of the world I am building: 

I also really like this cover of "Into the West" from Lord of the Rings: 
*Getting emotional* I listen to this when I am write emotional scenes.

Molly: Wow, it's going to be hard for me to top the epic-ness of those songs. 
But I like listening to "When Will My Life Begin" from Tangled and the Harry Potter soundtrack: 

Felicity and Marie-Grace Answer the Questions:

Felicity: Now it's our turn to answer questions!

Marie-Grace: Yes, that's very exciting. 

           What do you enjoy doing with each other?

Felicity: I like teaching Marie-Grace how to horseback ride. 

Marie-Grace: And I like teaching Felicity how to sing. 

Felicity: Basically, we like teaching each other stuff. 

What is one thing you like and one thing you dislike about the other?

Marie-Grace: I like how excited Felicity is about learning new things and stuff like that. And, I mean this in no harsh way, but I dislike how you constantly are disappearing and then reappearing all the time... 

(Marie-Grace singing)

Felicity: *nervous* Oh that, um-- I just tend to be very busy with...stuff. *Is trying not to reveal that she is a time-traveler* I really like how creative you are, and I love your voice. The only thing that annoys me is when I am trying to sleep and you wake me up at 3:00 o'clock in the morning with your singing. 

         What is one thing one of you likes but the other doesn’t?

Felicity: Marie-Grace loves opera, but I am not a huge fan of it. I don't really have the time to sit down to listen to an eight hour show-- 

Marie-Grace: Operas are usually about five hours not eight hours. Just a correction. Felicity has this fascination with the 18th century-- she is really obsessed with it. And while I love history, I am not a huge fan of the 18th century. 

Felicity: *nods* Yes...that. *aside to the readers only* that totally has nothing to do with me being a time traveler from the 18th century. 

Marie-Grace: What did you say? 

Felicity: Nothing...

                            Describe the other in 5 or less words.

 Felicity is impulsive, cheerful, a trickster, and a good friend. 1..2..*counts* that was five words. 

Felicity: Thank you...Marie-Grace is wise, thoughtful, artistic, nice, and sweet. That's all. You're a really good friend and adoptive sister. 

What are the other’s favorite…


 Pumpkin Soup, it's just so delicious. 

Marie-Grace: I like King Cake. 



Marie-Grace: You don't have to shout! 

Felicity: Sorry, just got excited. 

Marie-Grace: I don't have a favorite sport, I don't like sports. 


Felicity: I like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Treasure Island, and a lot of other books. I like the use of horses in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and I like that both of them are set in the 18th century-- at different points in it though. 

Marie-Grace: I like The Phantom of the Opera, because it is a story set in an opera.  

Marie-Grace and Felicity: And we're also going to add one more question on...

                                             Bonus: Movie? 

Marie-Grace: I like The Phantom of the Opera: the 2004 movie adaptation. I also like the broadway musical-- but that's not a movie, 

Felicity: I like Pirates of the Caribbean. I relate a lot to Elizabeth and Will Turner. 

  We tag: 

Nellie and Caroline at Dreaming of Dolls 
Molly and Chloe at Delightful World of Dolls 
Elsa and Loki at A Doll's Life For Me
Rylan and Andrea at Alone in Doll World 

The questions (copy and pasting purposes): 
1. What do you enjoy doing with each other?
2. What is one thing you like and one thing you dislike about the other?
3. What is one thing one of you likes but the other doesn’t?
4. What are the other’s favorite... 
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you have a sibling? If you so, what's your favorite thing to do with them? 
(This is still my blog after all-- even though you guys took it over 😉)

Monday, July 18, 2022

What's Happening in This Picture #11 (+ Winning Caption)

Hello everyone, 

I am happy to announce the winner for this round's What's Happening in this Picture?

Congratulations Treesa at Fashion Doll Memoirs you won this round! Here's the caption:
Marie-Grace: Check it out, the high-end department store just unveiled their new Winter Collection. These earmuffs are so on trend, aren't they?
Isabelle: But it's September, what happened to the Fall Collection?
Marie-Grace: The Fall Collection was so three months ago.

                                                       Now for a new photo to caption: 

What are Ichabod (left) and Willow (right) doing? What has Ichabod got written on his school board? Why is Willow raising her hand, post your captions in the comments down below. 😁

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Beautiful Emerald Eyes (A Photo Shoot)


Hello everyone, 
I thought I'd do a photo shoot with Diya today, since I haven't really done one with her before. 😊
Also a reminder, don't forget to vote for your favorite caption on this round What's Happening in This Picture? here

Let's begin the photo shoot: 

I like the angle of this picture, it looks like you're looking at her from above. 

I like the angle of this photo. 

I really like the close up her of her eye. 

Diya has such beautiful eyes, I love how they stand out in this photo. 

I like the angle of this photo, though the lighting is a little off. 

I love the details of her dress. 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Which photo is your favorite? And do you have a doll or dolls that has/have beautiful eyes like Diya?

Saturday, July 2, 2022

What's Happening in This Picture #10 (+ Voting)

 Hello everyone, 

I had a lot of fun reading everyone's captions. Now it is time for voting! 😃

Here are some of my favorite captions from this round of What is Happening in This Picture? If your caption didn't get chosen, please don't feel bad. I can only choose a small number of captions for each contest. Even if you don't get chosen this time, you will have a chance to leave another caption on the next one. 

Caption from Ananka at Ananka's Photos

"I told you I didn't want to go shopping for another mattress, this one is fine!!"

Caption from CJ Kennedy at CJ & Ink:

MG: Why aren't you coming skating?
I: I'm having a monster of a hot flash. If I come skating with you, I'll melt the ice.

Caption from Treesa at Fashion Doll Memoirs: 
Marie-Grace: Check it out, the high-end department store just unveiled their new Winter Collection. These earmuffs are so on trend, aren't they?
Isabelle: But it's September, what happened to the Fall Collection?
Marie-Grace: The Fall Collection was so three months ago.

And here is the way you can vote for your favorite one. You can either vote on this Google form here (which is anonymous, it won't record any information about you), or you can comment down below and choose your favorite caption from this post: