Sunday, August 18, 2019

Custom Doll project (part 2): Repainting and Making Her New Clothes

            Hello everyone, If you've read this blog post, then you will know that I was working on a custom doll project. I haven't talked about it as much as my others. So, I decided I would post an update for the project:

Since I rinse whenever I use nail polish remover, I had to find a way to make sure her hair didn't get wet (and come off.) So I used a Pressed'n Seal that was called Glad to cover her hair.

When I had finally removed some of her paint, bits of her hair had gotten 
wet thankfully they didn't come off. But they didn't get as wet as they could have gotten.
Which means I found a new technique to use. 

At first when I started repainting, I wanted to make her into a fairy.
But since she didn't exactly feel like the right doll for that (I have another doll that I am going to use, who I will post about once I begin repainting and rewigging her), 
and considering the fact that at the beginning of the project, 
she had two long hairs coming out like Tauriel's (which made it seem more 
to be falling into a Middle Earth doll project), I decided to go with that.
Also because she was short (shorter than Astrid), 
I decided that I would make her into the daughter of Fili and Tauriel, if Fili had *spoilers for The Hobbit don't read them unless you've read the book or watched the movies* survived *end spoilers* 
I was rather excited about this idea, because she be a half elf half dwarf. And it would mean that she would have Silvan elf and dwarf elements to her. 

I began by outlining where her eyes had been. Since these dolls 
have an area that is sculpted showing where her eyes used it be. It can be very difficult to make it smaller, or larger without it looking like there is a space where her eyes should be.

                                        I then took a pen, and made it much more clear.

I then decided to paint over where the pen was and give her
gold eyeliner, green eyes, and freckles. 
(Though the freckles later look more realistic than they do in this photo.) 

Unfortunately, I did not take that many photos later of her face, when I was using pencil
to give her more details. (And add white to her eyes.) 
So, I will give you pictures later in the next post, of what her repaint fully looks like. 
I am working on something else related to this doll project, so I am not going to take her outside for photos yet. 

After I repainted her some more, and then put Mod Podge over it. 
I then began by making her clothes. 

First I took green felt and wrapped it over her in the exact way I wanted it to look, 
and then hot glued it. 

After that I glued blue ribbon on, to make the upper half of the dress stay on her better. 
I also added glitter to the ribbon to make it more shiny and to
give you the feeling that she might be rich and own jewels and gold. 

I then decided that the skirt I made out of felt, didn't work very well.
But I kept the bit of felt I used and made it part of the top part of the dress.

Since I wanted a loose flowing skirt, I decided to use one that had been the costume for a Frozen Anna doll.  

Since I wanted the pattern to be different, I decided I would paint on the 
skirt. First I painted a green dragon with a hoard nearby. 

I then started adding other details onto it: 

I tried to give the skirt different colors than Anna's original skirt had. 
Some of the colors were harder to cover than others. 

After I finished the details of the skirt. I used some spare felt to make her dress look a little 
more bulky and less fancy (or at least fancy, but not in an elvish manner): 

                                     There will be a part three, that is focusing on her elf ears, but for now...
                                       What do you think a half elf, half dwarf would look like?  In what way do you think it                                                        would have affected the relationship between the elves and dwarves if there was a half 
                                                 elf half dwarf?