Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Dollhouse tour: The Avalor Pet Shop

Hello everyone! This is Esmeralda. Today we will be doing a tour of my pet shop. In case you are wondering I am a beast trainer...

(Bricks printed out from Wikipedia here.) 

This is the outside. At one point we tried to paint the bricks pink (mind you that did not turn out well), but now the paint is chipping off a little.

This is the inside of the shop, we have places for animals to stay and sleep. (There are even some hatched eggs.)

And over here is where I keep the grooming supplies. It can be very hard sometimes to brush fur and feathers at the same time.

Well...this is the tour of the Avalor Pet Shop. I hope you enjoyed it! Also, if you want to adopt a pet, feel free to stop by here.


Do you like the doll house tour? Would you like to see more of these? Also, what is your favorite place in Esmeralda's pet shop?