Sunday, April 11, 2021

My Thoughts on AG's New Releases (P.2)

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Hello everyone, 

Since I just realized there are more new releases than I can put in this particular blog post, there will likely be a third or even fourth part to this series. So keep an eye out for that. 😉

Here are my thoughts: 

(Image from American Girl,

I don't dislike this outfit (above), but it feels very mismatched. And I feel like it would work a lot better without the vest (though I do realize the vest is supposed to go with the shoes, both of which are pink). 

(Image from American Girl,

 Here are Kira's accessories, with her "meet" outfit. I feel as if they work better without the outfit (in a different outfit) than with her  "meet" outfit. The vest alone would look good, but it doesn't look good with everything else (the glasses and scarf). 

(Image from American Girl,

I feel like this was very well designed. It really looks like a place (I'd personally) use to shoot photos outside with my dolls. It looks really pretty and I am glad that it is not overly pink. The blue carpet with the table are really nice additions to the set. 

(Image from American Girl,

I personally really love these pajamas, and are pajamas I'd actually use for my dolls. The koala designs on the pajamas are so cute.  I also really love the koala slippers. 

(Image from American Girl,

This is actually a very neat idea, and kind of reminds me of the old Barbie airplanes, in particular the really a Barbie airplane (made in the sixties or the seventies?) that I used to play with. It has the same open space that old airplane used to have (minus the fact that there is no exterior that looks like an airplane). 

    It even comes with little details, like the compartments that can open and the fact that the TV screen can change by placing different slides into it (which is not visible here). 

As I was writing this post AG released three new dolls, so I'd thought I'd talk about them.... 
The dolls in general are not my favorite, and they are not dolls that I'd (personally) go out of my way to buy. With their hair styles and outfits the dolls kind of remind me of the Rockerz pets that Webkinz created a while ago.

But let's talk about the singular dolls.... 

(Image from American Girl,

Though the dolls aren't my favorite I like this one the most, perhaps because she is wearing my favorite color (blue).  I could imagine being able to put the jacket/sweater she is wearing on my dolls. 

(Image from American Girl,

Her hair is really neat looking, I think, given that they didn't have dolls with colored curly hair like this before. 

(Image from American Girl,

I have to say, I really like her army uniform. American Girl hasn't made many things like this for their dolls before, that I can recollect. Also her hair is really interesting looking having some of her natural hair color (brown) with streaks of blue and green. 

If I missed any (since there is going to be a part 3), tell me and I will talk about the releases in the next part. 

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you think of AG's new releases? Do you like the three new dolls?