Thursday, September 28, 2017

updates: Short Break!!

Hi everyone,
I won't be able to post for a little while, but when I am able to post, I will post photo stories, photo shoots, and doll photography.


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Doll photography #3

         Hi everyone, I thought today was a good day for a doll photography post...
               Here are the photos:

A picture of Annabeth's sandals... 

I enjoyed taking this picture, I especially like what it says on the shirt. 

Seven of Nine and Naomi Wildman, this photo reminds me of a scene 
from a Star Trek Voyager episode. 

A picture of Agent Olive's eyes... 

This is a picture that never ended up getting into Tracey comes to Visit (part 1) 
Though I do like the angle of this picture. 


Which photo is your favorite? 


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tracey comes to visit (Part 1)

Hi everyone, here is the story I promised:
In this story Willow's cousin Tracey is coming to visit. She is from "Reality" a land without magic, and Willow lives in a land where stories are real... and no one from reality is supposed to know that. I was partly inspired by the captions from this post 

Here's the story:

(Note- I didn't have the time to make a computer room for my dolls or had a doll computer handy so instead I just took pictures of willow as if she were looking at a computer even though you don't see it.)

Willow sat in the library, in the computer room (which was in fact a very small room with a computer). She hardly saw anyone in the room there, and if she did, it was because they were looking at “Fan Fictions” that were for some reason written about them. She had heard that authors from “Reality” had written these stories, but she had gotten some very weird responses when she had tried to find out about them. Willow was in the computer room, because her cousin Tracey (who lived in the land called “Reality”) and other family members sent her what are called “emails” and not hand written letters like everyone else did…. in fact Willow thought she was the only person who really knew how to use a “computer.” 
Willow was staring at the message Tracey had sent her: 

Dear Willow, 
it is wonderful to hear from you, and your friends Hermione, Annabeth, and Louis. I am doing well. How about you?

Willow smiled, she was definitely excited to tell Tracey what Hermione, Annabeth, and Legolas had done recently (Willow hadn’t told her cousin that Louis’ real name was Legolas, so Tracey wouldn't know he was the actual character from Lord of the Rings). Willow hadn’t mentioned Tauriel, who was one of her best friends, because she couldn’t think of a good code-name yet that sounded like Tauriel’s real name. 
Willow continued reading: 

Anyway I thought it would be a good time to visit you, after all I haven’t seen you in a very long time. And I have longed to see you in person rather than talking through email. I will be coming on the 20th. 

Love your cousin, 

Willow didn’t know what to do, she was sure Tracey would find out everything, after all Tracey wrote fan fictions…And loved many different stories. and would probably find out that all the stories were real…She sighed

, suddenly the door opened and in walked Hermione. At first Willow didn’t recognize her because of the yellow ball gown she was wearing, and the fact that her hair was nicely curled and brushed, unlike how it usually was. She was carrying a stack of books, books Willow assumed were for school. 

“Hermione is that you? I almost mistook you for Belle!” said Willow turning around.
“Yes,” answered Hermione. “I know! People have been mistaking me for Belle all day!”
Willow and Hermione stared at each other for a moment…Finally Willow spoke: 
“Why are you wearing a ball gown?” 
Hermione sighed… then said: 

“Aphrodite kind of replaced all my clothes in my wardrobe with ball gowns…and the only comfortable one I could find was from the Hogwart’s Ball.” 

She pointed to the yellow gown she was wearing. “But, I was wondering if you were alright?" Hermione asked Willow. "You have been in here for a couple hours.”

Willow sighed and shook her head. 

“No I am not alright…” Willow said. “Tracey is coming to visit, and you see she can’t because she’s from ‘Reality’ and no one from Reality is allowed to come here.”

we're doomed!

 Then Willow burst into sobs of “We’re doomed, I’m doomed!!! Tracey can’t visit, but I wish she could!”


Finally Willow stopped sobbing, and let go of Hermione. “Y-you understand right?” half-sobbed Willow 
Hermione nodded… There was a long silence in the room, neither Willow nor Hermione spoke but finally Hermione broke the silence, 

“I may have solution…And it may just work…” 

            to be continued…

                  I hope you enjoyed the story. I can't wait to write the next part.

         What do you think Hermione's plan is? And do you think it will work? 


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Doll Photography #2

Hi everyone,
I just finished writing part 1 of a photo story, but I first need to edit it before I post it... (It will be posted in my next post) but in the meantime I have some doll photos I would like to share with you.

                                          Here they are: 

When I took this photo, I had the song 
The Star of the County Down 
going through my head. 

I like how this picture of Queen Miranda turned out. 

I like how the lighting looks in this photo of Molly.
I tried to make it look like Seven of Nine was walking or
running in this photo, and I think I succeeded. 

Hope you enjoyed the post. 
Which photo is your favorite? And have you ever taken photos of your dolls?