Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Tips and Tricks For Doll Photography

 Taking photos of your dolls (or of anything really) is not about talent, it's about how you do it. My first photos that I ever took of my dolls looked like this: 

The lighting was off, and it was incredibly flaky. However, over time and through experimenting I figured out how to make my photos look good (though I am always still learning).  

Here are some tips and tricks that I use for taking photos of my dolls: 

                                                      1. Good Lighting 

You need a partially cloudy day, a day that's not too dark (otherwise the pictures will be grainy if you enlarge them) and a day that's not too light (otherwise there will be unwanted shadows in your pictures). 

Also don't use a flash. Your photos will look better without the unnatural light.

                                               2. Find a place to put your camera/phone. 

 I admit my hand is a bit shaky when taking my own photos. Sometimes they don't turn out because of that. To solve this problem, hold your shaky hand with your other hand, or rest your hand on your knee. This will be useful in making sure your photos turn out well. Or if neither of those help, get a tripod for your camera or phone. 

                                                               3. Hiding your hand 

This is something that has shown up in my own photos, but it's something you can easily hide. If you need to, adjust the frame of the shot to exclude your hand. If your hand does show up in a photo, it is something you can easily crop. You can do this on a Mac by going to Photos (or another place where you upload your photos) with the crop tool. 

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What kinds of photo shoots do you like to do with your dolls? :D 


Friday, May 14, 2021

Purple (a Photo Shoot)

Hello everyone, 
I thought today would be a good day for a photo shoot. So here it is: 

I really like this portrait, I think it captures her face really well.  

I really enjoyed posing her here. 

This one and the one after it have to be my favorite photos from this photo shoot. 

Which photo is your favorite?