Thursday, August 24, 2017

Doll photography 1#

I have been trying to get into the habit of taking photos of my dolls everyday...
These posts will be very similar to the drawing posts I have on my writing blog, though I will still do photo shoots and photo stories.

Here are some of the photos I took:

                                 A photo I took of Cerise's shoes...
                                I have to say it was fun to take.


                                          A photo of Tracey, it turned out well...
                                        And the lighting in the background is pretty.
This photo of Belle for some reason never got into
the photo shoot  even though it was one of my favorite
photos I have taken of her.

                                          I think this photo of Tauriel turned out well...

                                           I like the angle of this photo.

A photo of Blondie's ring... (Unfortunately, it doesn't make the wearer of it invisible...
on the other hand if it did that, then I would be losing my dolls all over the place because I couldn't see them.)

A photo of Hera... 
I like her pose in this photo. 


Which photo is your favorite? 


Friday, August 4, 2017

Tale as old as time (a photo shoot)

Hi everyone, 
I had been working on several other draft posts (One of which is a photo story)
before deciding to post this one. Anyway I thought it was 
a good time to do a photo shoot...

Here are the Photos: 

I like this picture of Belle... 
I like how the lighting turned out. 

This picture is one of the best photos I have taken 
of the beast. 

This one is one of my favorite pictures. 

The lighting in this photo wasn't as good. But I like 
the pose of the dolls. 

This one shows a good angle of both Belle and The Beast. 

I like the angle of this picture.
Though I didn't get her dress in the picture fully, 
I can imagine her spinning around in it. 

Hope you liked the photo shoot..I enjoyed taking the photos!:) 

Which Photo is your favorite? And do you have a favorite song from Beauty and The Beast?