Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanks Giving and Porridge? (post by Blondie Lockes)

Hi everyone Blondie Here!

Today is Thanksgiving, which is the day we talk about what we are thankful for (And eat food, I hope we have porridge this year). This is actually my first Thanksgiving,

So I have made a list of things I'm thankful for (Along with Quinley's side comments that will be in this font)

My Destiny 

I'm destined to be the next Goldilocks, 

which is very exciting, but I hope the bears don't catch me... 

Porridge and Cupcakes!!

As you probably already know, I love porridge, and cupcakes.. 

Hey Quinley are we having porridge? 

Blondie! I think you know the answer. 

Oh right, what about cupcakes? 


Ever After High

I love learning about my Destiny. 

Hey did you know I'm going to be the next Goldilocks? 



Blondie  (And Quinley)