Sunday, July 23, 2017

Update: what's happening in this Picture extended voting

Hi everyone, I am finally back. I was unable to post for a few days. And now I am going back to doll photo shoots and photo story posts... But anyway, for What's Happening In This Picture? I decided I should extend the voting for it. I forget how many days I gave to vote (5 days? or less) but it didn't look like many people were able to vote and the poll closed very quickly. So I decided I should extended the voting...
the new date when the poll closes will be:

August 20th 

 It will give more time for people to vote then the last close time I gave.


My dolls will probably also make some posts too (if they have the time) so keep a eye out for a post from them.


Friday, July 7, 2017

What's happening in this picture? (favorite captions and voting)

Hi everyone, it is finally Friday which means I will choose my favorite captions from the What's Happening In This Picture(also thank you for the amazing captions)

Anyway here are a few of my favorites:

From Anonymous:
"My ears hurt!" said Legolas. 
"Well, if you didn't want people tugging on your ears all night, you should have gone as something other than an elf!" said Hermione. 
"At least they just wanted to know how you got your ear tips to stay on. Everyone kept asking me about my mom and whether or not Percy was coming..." said Annabeth.
"I know how that feels, whenever I wear my Gryffindor robes, everyone wants to know where Harry is or if I can make something levitate!" said Hermione.
"Well, you looked beautiful tonight as Belle!" said Annabeth. "But Legolas, you really need to remember that you're not in Middle Earth anymore. It was a party and it was supposed to be fun. You really scared that boy in the Orc costume, when you shot the arrow across the room. You scared me, too! I'm glad Hermione brought her wand and froze the arrow in mid-air!"
"And I'm glad everyone thought it was just an illusion," said Hermione, "I don't like having to do magic in front of a bunch of muggles!"

From Anonymous (2): 

"It's not fair!" Hermione cried. "The last time I dressed in my Gryffindor robes there were ten other Hermione Grangers at the costume party and I was given advice about how to make my costume more realistic. How could you have been the only Legolas and Annabeth? And Legolas, how could you have won the prize for the best costume??

From Anonymous (3) 

"Listen Legolas, we could be better than any group of super heroes!" said Hermione with determination. "With my books and magic, your bow and Elf magic, and Annabeth's demigod powers we could be a force for good! But first I think I should get out of this ball gown!!"


You can vote until July 17th then the winning caption will be chosen 


You can either comment with who's caption you liked best or vote on the sidebar