Saturday, January 7, 2017

Welcome Home Maryellen and Willa

  Hi everyone, finally I wrote a doll welcome home photo story!!!!

I turned around, “Uhh..are you alright Viola?” I asked.

“The famous Shakespearian actress Viola is fine!” said Viola, emerging with a giant tree which was twice her size. 

“How art thou, Sarah?” she asked, trying to sound Shakespearian. 

“Umm..Fine’th” I answered, Trying to sound as Shakespearian as possible…but judging from Viola’s expression I had failed…

“Now anyway, why don’t we put up the tree?” I asked.

“Of course fair Sarah” replied Viola, I was not quite sure what to say to that, so I got the ornaments out and started decorating the tree. Just as put I up one of the ornaments, there was a loud knocking on the door.

“I’ll get it” I said, it was probably the mailman. I opened the door, and two girls were standing there, they both had strawberry blond hair, and hazel eyes. 

“Hi” said The older girl. “We were looking for a girl named Quinley? Do you know her? Are we at the right house?”

There was a silence, then I replied…

“Yes you are at the right house, I’m Sarah, this is Viola” I said, gesturing to Viola. 

“Nice to meet you, I’m Maryellen this is my little Sister Willa.”  said Maryellen. The girl next to her shyly waved but didn’t seemed to be paying attention. It was like she was thinking of something else. 

“Anyway, you must be cold. She can come in,” I said, opening the door.

Maryellen and Willa, walked in. Willa took off her hat, which revealed a cute bunny ear headband she was wearing. Maryellen took of the shawl she was wearing, then helped Willa get out of jacket and scarf.

“So…” I said. “Why are you looking for Quinley?” 

Maryellen looked up, “oh…” she replied, she was quiet for a minute.
She explained her whole adventure to get there…it was long and dangerous. 

“Sounds like something from one of Shakespeare’s plays” said Viola.

Maryellen looked somewhat confused when Viola said that. I leaned over and said “She likes Shakespeare, if you are wondering.” 

“Oh,” replied Maryellen smiling. “I’m sure I’ll get along just fine."

I hope you liked the story, anyway way here are some pictures of Maryellen and Willa:



Sunday, January 1, 2017

New years, and Girl of The year of 2017! (And my girl of the year)

Hello everyone happy New Year!!!

I can't wait find out what dolls will be released in 2017!
 (I really want the girl of the year of 2018, to be an archer, or a story writer.)

Anyway here is a girl of the year I came up with (this is my girl of the year, not American Girl's) 

Guinevere O'brien 

(I will do a colored version soon)

Here's my Girl of The Year- Her hair was somewhat inspired by
Gabriela McBride's hair. It's curly, long and red, and tied up into a small bun with a elastic headband.  She has a freckle on her cheek and one on her neck. She has brown eyes. 
She's an archer, and a story-writer, and she has two best friends (included as dolls in her collection, like Chrissa's), and a brother and a sister. 

Here are her best friends: 

Iris-She has midnight black hair. Her eyes are green, her ears are pointy, and are normally hidden behind her hair. She is an actress and enjoys acting out stories Guinevere wrote. She is dramatic on and on off stage. (She's secretly a fairy or  an elf...). 

Diana- She has short curly brown hair  (she's the African American girl doll in this collection) and brown eyes. She is Guinevere's friend, they often  write and come with up stories together. What she does besides writing is sing. She is also a song-writer, and loves to come up with songs within her stories. 

Here are brother and sister: 

Orlando- Her younger brother,  he's named after the character in Shakespeare's play As You Like It
Penelope- Her older sister, named after Penelope from The Odyssey.

Here is her story: 

The new school she goes to does not allow her to express her creativity through writing.
She makes friends on the way, and they form a writing club.
(She also has many adventures on the way.) 

Her collection: 

-Guinevere's meet outfit, a t-shirt with a celtic circle on her shirt, with a sweater over it. She comes with her bow and arrows with a quiver, she also has a curved and fancy bracelet also included.

-Iris's Meet outfit, a long green dress with a pattern on it, sneakers, and a headband/crown.

-Diana's meet outfit, a shirt with a music note on it and shorts. She comes with a flute.

-A dog named Sir Galahad, is a white dog with brown spots.

-Armor, heres a drawing of it:

- a (fairy or elvish) castle.

- Iris's (elvish or fairy) outfit.

That's all of her collection I have planned out..

Do you like my girl of the year? Are you excited to see what dolls American Girl will release this year?