Monday, December 31, 2018

My Doll's New Year's Resolutions 2019

Happy New Year's everyone!
I did this last year, so I thought I would do it again this year.  This year, though, I am doing my American Girl dolls' and Carpatina doll's resolutions. Here are my dolls' resolutions:

                                                 Sarah's Resolution 

"I want to work in colonial Williamsburg eventually next year as a historical re-enactor."                              

                                                 Felicity's Resolution 

                            "I want to learn how to fully 
                           master my time travel abilities. I haven't quite yet figured them out."                                     

                                                 Z's Resolution


"...well, since I have been doing so many AGSMs (American Girl Stop Motions), I thought 
it would be cool to try doing hand-drawn animation or claymation next year." 

Alfred's Resolution 

"I hope that next year, I can help the Patriots in some way against the Red Coats. 
I am not sure how I will I do it, but I will figure that out as next year commences...

                                             Tenney's Resolution 

                     "Next year I want to release an album or a single." 

                         What are your dolls' New Year's resolutions? 

P.S. The next part of Red Coats on the Horizon is almost ready.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Snow! (a holiday Photo Shoot)

Happy Holidays everyone! :) I've been saving this photoshoot for a long time, so I felt like now was the perfect time to post it:

I like the angle of this photo. 

I like the way this photo looks though it is a little dark. 
Which Photo is your favorite? 


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Red Coats on the Horizon (part 1): It Started With a Song

I changed my mind about which photo story I would post. Instead of posting the other AG doll story, that I lost somewhere, I decided that this one would be better (since this one has more of a plot to it, and I had more fun taking these photos). The only thing that I wish I had done for this photo story is to dress my dolls in clothes for fall (since they were wearing summer clothes). 

Felicity held tightly onto her horse’s mane. She could feel the sweat on her hands.

She couldn’t let go, she couldn’t or the Red Coats would catch up to her…she couldn’t… 

Do you wonder how Felicity ended up being chased by Red Coats? Well, it didn’t start out like that, in fact it started with a song, yes a song.
And no not a song like Yankee Doodle, or any of those songs that you may think I mean…but a song by someone no other than Tenney. 

You see she had been suffering from songwriter’s block, and couldn’t come up with a new song… 

“Bravo!” shouted Z, 
Felicity smiled, “It’s beautiful.” 

“Thank you.” sighed Tenney, “but that’s one of my old songs, and I am trying to come up with a new one…but I have no ideas what so ever…that’s why I asked you, Felicity and Z for advice…perhaps you two have ideas.” 

Z thought for a moment and then said, 
“You could write a song about American Girl dolls…You have never written a song about them.” 

Tenney nodded, “maybe…” she then turned to look at Felicity, 
“Do you have any ideas?” 

Felicity sighed and stood there for a few minutes and then said slowly, 

“Let me think about it…once I have an idea, I will be sure to tell you.” 

“Thank you…” sighed Tenney, you could tell that she was rather disappointed that the songwriter part of her mind was not working. 
“Anyway,” she said, “I better go…I have a show to practice for.” 
“Bye!” said Z and Felicity at the same time. 

Felicity then turned to Z, “I better go, too!” Before Z could even say “goodbye” to her, Felicity had gone around the corner of the tree, and vanished. 

She sighed and muttered a very small, “goodbye” and then looked around.

A smile appeared on her face, “This would be the perfect place to do a stop motion.” 

Felicity sighed, and looked down at her necklace, the time travel had worked.

And oh good, Elizabeth was still there…

“Lissie!” she said, turning around, “Good that you're still here, I wondered what happened to you…” 
“Oh nothing.” responded Felicity. “Just thought I should enjoy the fresh air you know, anyway…you seem a little bit jumpy are you alright?” 

“I’m f-fine.” responded Elizabeth, and then turned to look around, and then stared back at Felicity, 

“Alright, I’m not fine…I will tell you what happened, but we can’t talk about it here.” 
Felicity nodded, and they began walking through the forest. As they were walking, Felicity realized she had forgotten to hide her necklace. Thankfully Elizabeth had been too nervous to notice it.

While they were walking Felicity quickly stuffed the necklace in her dress. She sighed and then turned to Elizabeth. They had made it half way through the forest and were nearly to the town of Williamsburg, perhaps she would be ready to talk about whatever it was now. 

“Elizabeth, do you think this a good place to talk about it?” asked Felicity, and promptly leaned onto the branch that was in the center of their path. 

Elizabeth shook her head, “No, Felicity, it’s not.” she half whispered, and then began walking again. 

They had nearly made it out of the forest and Felicity was fighting back the desire to ask again. It felt like a pain inside of her. What had scared her best friend? What was going on with her? Felicity sighed, well she could at least ask one thing, 

“Where do you exactly want to talk?” asked Felicity. 

Elizabeth seemed to be deep in thought, finally after a little bit she said,
“How about somewhere like your father’s store…but it must be somewhere were no one can hear what we are saying.” 
Felicity nodded, at least she knew where Elizabeth wanted to talk, but what did she want to tell her? The pain of not knowing still firmly enveloped Felicity, she couldn’t let something like that hurt her best friend. 

To be continued.... 

What do you think Elizabeth is going to tell Felicity? 
And do you think Tenney will get out of songwriter's block? 

P.S. I just finished a AGSM (American Girl Stop Motion) video, here it is: 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! (Post by Kirsten Larson)

Hello everyone, Kirsten here,
Every year one person is chosen to write a Thanksgiving post, (or decides to it)
(here are the ones from last year: Blondie's post, Aphrodite's post) and this year I was chosen...
We each say things were are thankful for...
Here are a few things I am thankful for:

1. Nature, I love nature and that's where we get must of our food and supplies.
2. My friends and family. It's always good to have people around who you can talk to about things or play with.
3. Stitchery, it helps keep our clothes together. If we didn't know how to sew, we would be in trouble.
4. Honey, it tastes so good...
And I have a whole lot other things I am thankful for as well...but it would make the post really long...
What are you thankful for? 


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

How to Protect Yourself During Halloween (post by Ichabod Crane.)

(Before reading this post: The following is written by the character, Ichabod Crane, 
 from Washington Irving's book: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, not the horror movie character.) 
I have no idea what that is about ..I know I am myself, so why do internet people need to know this? but never mind.
So, if like me, you are terrified of Halloween (it is my least favorite time of the year),
here are some basic protective charms that have come in handy for me... and perhaps will work for you, too:

Lucky Charms to Save You From Danger, Ghosts, and Death: 

A Cross or other religious symbols- Some spirits don't lke crosses, vampires if you see a vampire, be sure to hold up your cross.

Garlic- This will also ward off vampires...if you have no crosses at hand.

Salt - I know what your thinking, if spilling salt is bad luck, why do you need to carry around salt? Well, fairies can't handle salt.

Horseshoes- This will also prevent you from being touched (or kidnapped) by the fay.

Four leaf clovers- Are rare and hard to find, but if you carry around one, you will have good luck.

Things to avoid doing:
Spilling Salt- This is extremely bad luck. Avoid it at all costs. Avoid salting your food on Halloween. Though it may taste awful, it's better than bad luck.

Breaking Mirrors- This is worse than spilling salt. So, to avoid it, try not to look into mirrors or even touch them. But if you can't avoid a mirror, because you have to fix your hair or something, then use the mirror, but put it in a safe place where it won't break when you are finished.

Walking alone at night- Nothing bad has happened yet, when I have walked alone at night from the school house (or Van Tassel's house). However on Halloween, you should try to avoid walking alone at all costs. Stay the night at whatever place you may be, unless of course they push you out for some reason, then just run as fast as you can home.

Walking under ladders- This is a bad idea, and very bad luck.
What do you think of Halloween? Do you think it's as terrifying as I think it is?
Some people say I will give it a go,
Have a Happy* Halloween! 
-Ichabod Crane  

*As in a safe ghost free one. 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Doll Photography #8

Hi everyone, 
I think today is a perfect day to do a Doll Photography post, 
let's begin: 

I like the way this picture of Hestia looks. 

I like the way her dress looks against the bricks. 

Even though this photo of Esmeralda is a little too bright, 
I still like the angle of it. 

One thing I like about this photo is that you can see the texture of the flower.

                                Which photo is your favorite? 


P.S. I had a American Girl doll story which I wrote and took pictures for, however, I lost a part of it, and until I find the part I lost I can't post it...but when I find it, I will post it. Since it may take me some time to find it, I probably will post the final part of Tracy Comes to Visit, before then.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Exciting News!

Hi everyone,

 I recently heard that a doll company called Carpatina is making a colonial boy doll! It's truly a dream come true, since they are making him look historically accurate. He has the right hair, hat and everything:

(image from Amazon,

So, I didn't make a blog post about American Girl turning down my idea to make a Ben Davidson doll  (they couldn't do it since they said they aren't allowed to use costumer's ideas).

(image from Wiki, 

I was too upset at the time to even think of making a blog post. (I am not saying that I don't like AG, I was just was disappointed in them.) However, just after they got back to me, I found out that Carpatina had announced they were making a colonial boy doll, and I found it even more interesting when I discovered he had all the things I had wanted Ben to have. (Minus looking like how they portrayed him in Felicity's movie.)

I found this too exciting not to blog about. :)
What do you think of the new boy doll? What is your favorite historical time period(s)? 

P.S. Happy Hobbit Day! Today is Bilbo's and Frodo's birthday.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Deborah Sampson (A Photo Shoot)

Hi everyone,
I try not to do two photo shoots one after another, but I really wanted to do this one so...
in this photo shoot Sarah is dressed as Deborah Sampson, a woman who disguised herself as man, so that she could fight in the Revolutionary war:

I like the camera setting I did for this photo, it makes it look 
somewhat like an old photo. 

Now this in the normal setting, I like the way it looks. 

I like this angle. 

Which Photo is your favorite? And who is your favorite historical figure? 
P.S. I plan to respond to all your comments soon. ;)