Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Red Coats on the Horizon (part 1): It Started With a Song

I changed my mind about which photo story I would post. Instead of posting the other AG doll story, that I lost somewhere, I decided that this one would be better (since this one has more of a plot to it, and I had more fun taking these photos). The only thing that I wish I had done for this photo story is to dress my dolls in clothes for fall (since they were wearing summer clothes). 

Felicity held tightly onto her horse’s mane. She could feel the sweat on her hands.

She couldn’t let go, she couldn’t or the Red Coats would catch up to her…she couldn’t… 

Do you wonder how Felicity ended up being chased by Red Coats? Well, it didn’t start out like that, in fact it started with a song, yes a song.
And no not a song like Yankee Doodle, or any of those songs that you may think I mean…but a song by someone no other than Tenney. 

You see she had been suffering from songwriter’s block, and couldn’t come up with a new song… 

“Bravo!” shouted Z, 
Felicity smiled, “It’s beautiful.” 

“Thank you.” sighed Tenney, “but that’s one of my old songs, and I am trying to come up with a new one…but I have no ideas what so ever…that’s why I asked you, Felicity and Z for advice…perhaps you two have ideas.” 

Z thought for a moment and then said, 
“You could write a song about American Girl dolls…You have never written a song about them.” 

Tenney nodded, “maybe…” she then turned to look at Felicity, 
“Do you have any ideas?” 

Felicity sighed and stood there for a few minutes and then said slowly, 

“Let me think about it…once I have an idea, I will be sure to tell you.” 

“Thank you…” sighed Tenney, you could tell that she was rather disappointed that the songwriter part of her mind was not working. 
“Anyway,” she said, “I better go…I have a show to practice for.” 
“Bye!” said Z and Felicity at the same time. 

Felicity then turned to Z, “I better go, too!” Before Z could even say “goodbye” to her, Felicity had gone around the corner of the tree, and vanished. 

She sighed and muttered a very small, “goodbye” and then looked around.

A smile appeared on her face, “This would be the perfect place to do a stop motion.” 

Felicity sighed, and looked down at her necklace, the time travel had worked.

And oh good, Elizabeth was still there…

“Lissie!” she said, turning around, “Good that you're still here, I wondered what happened to you…” 
“Oh nothing.” responded Felicity. “Just thought I should enjoy the fresh air you know, anyway…you seem a little bit jumpy are you alright?” 

“I’m f-fine.” responded Elizabeth, and then turned to look around, and then stared back at Felicity, 

“Alright, I’m not fine…I will tell you what happened, but we can’t talk about it here.” 
Felicity nodded, and they began walking through the forest. As they were walking, Felicity realized she had forgotten to hide her necklace. Thankfully Elizabeth had been too nervous to notice it.

While they were walking Felicity quickly stuffed the necklace in her dress. She sighed and then turned to Elizabeth. They had made it half way through the forest and were nearly to the town of Williamsburg, perhaps she would be ready to talk about whatever it was now. 

“Elizabeth, do you think this a good place to talk about it?” asked Felicity, and promptly leaned onto the branch that was in the center of their path. 

Elizabeth shook her head, “No, Felicity, it’s not.” she half whispered, and then began walking again. 

They had nearly made it out of the forest and Felicity was fighting back the desire to ask again. It felt like a pain inside of her. What had scared her best friend? What was going on with her? Felicity sighed, well she could at least ask one thing, 

“Where do you exactly want to talk?” asked Felicity. 

Elizabeth seemed to be deep in thought, finally after a little bit she said,
“How about somewhere like your father’s store…but it must be somewhere were no one can hear what we are saying.” 
Felicity nodded, at least she knew where Elizabeth wanted to talk, but what did she want to tell her? The pain of not knowing still firmly enveloped Felicity, she couldn’t let something like that hurt her best friend. 

To be continued.... 

What do you think Elizabeth is going to tell Felicity? 
And do you think Tenney will get out of songwriter's block? 

P.S. I just finished a AGSM (American Girl Stop Motion) video, here it is: 

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  1. I was imagining that Elizabeth might have a similar necklace! Maybe she went back in time at the same time Felicity went forward?! Or maybe Elizabeth overheard some of her parents friends talking and she knows a secret about the British? Or maybe Elizabeth is going to be forced to go to London with her sister? I can't want to find out what happens in the story. I think Tenney will definitely write a song soon and I hope you will post it! Great story!


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