Saturday, March 26, 2022

What's Happening In This Picture #7 (An Unexpected Twist + Voting)

I love the captions people left on Spring is On Its Way (a Photo Shoot)! The funny thing about it is that I intended the captions to be left on this post rather than the photo shoot. But I definitely miscommunicated. 

So, instead of asking you to leave captions again, I'm going to work with this and have the captions be descriptors for a single picture from the photo shoot. This will be kind of like an Instagram caption, but not quite since these captions are in third person. 

Now it's time to vote: 

                                        Caption from Christine at Christine's Blog

Ana is going shopping, maybe grab a bubble tea at the mall too! Spring's her favourite season!

                                         Caption from Anonymous: 

She is going to a garden party. She is excited as it is her first time out since the covid.

You can either comment down below and vote for your favorite caption that way, or fill out this Google form to vote (your vote is anonymous in the form): 


P.S. My hair style tutorial for dolls will be posted sometime soon. I have not gotten around to taking the photos for it yet.  

Saturday, March 19, 2022

The AG History Quiz Tag! + The Mustache Crown Award

I decided it would be fun to do a double tag post. 

For the first tag: I was nominated by Hailey at Hailey's Joyful Dolls, thank you so much Hailey! 

                                                               The logo: 

The Rules:

- Answer the questions given

- Come up with your own cool AG history themed questions for the people that you nominate!

- Tag 1-10 people

- Link back to the creator (me)

- Comment on the blogger's blog that you nominated to remind them that they were nominated!

- Ask 3-10 questions

                                      What is the name of Molly's best friend?

                                       Emily Bennett. 
                                        When did American Girl first start?
                                     I don't know the exact date, but I know they started in the 80s. 

                                    What is the name of this AG doll?
(Image from Wiki fandom,

                                       Her first name is Lindsey. 

                                 What company first started American Girl?
                                  Pleasant Company. 

                                      My questions: 
     1. Who was the girl of the year of the year 2009? 
     2. Which AG doll is a stop motion animator? 
      3. Who were the three original American Girl Dolls? 
      4. When was Kaya released? 
      5. What year was Samantha re-released? 
      6. When did the historical line name get changed to Beforever? 
                                     I tag: 
                   Blueberry With T-Rex Arms

For the second tag: I wasn't exactly nominated, but since Loren at Happy House of AG nominated anyone who had Saige I decided to do it. (Because I have Saige). The creator of the award is Annecy from Dreams for American Dolls 
The logo: 

  • Whoever you nominate must post a hairstyle tutorial on their blog
  • You must ask at least 5 questions
  • You must keep the chain going, and if you are nominated, nominate someone else
I will post a hair style for dolls as the next thing I post. 

                                                       Favorite TV show?

That's so hard to pick one. I'm going to go with: Star Trek: Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager as two of my favorite shows. 

                                                       Favorite hairstyle?

I really like Tauriel and Legolas's hair styles from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

(Images from LOTR Wiki,,

I think the way braids in those hairstyles are used is pretty cool. 

If American Girl made a homeschooled GOTY, would you buy her?

It depends on what type of homeschooler the doll is, as there are many types of homeschoolers in existence. AG would have be clear about what type of homeschooler the doll was and portray the type of homeschooler well. Also, how important to the character would being a homeschooler be? 

It just depends on how they do it. American Girl had a doll, Blaire, that was a blogger but they didn't really make her blog relatable to those who are actually bloggers. Her blog was way too professional. But then also had a doll, Z, that was a YouTuber and made AGSMs, and they got that right. So it solely depends on how it is done.  

What’s your favorite sleepover activity?

I've never actually been to a sleepover and probably won't anytime soon (due to the pandemic). But I think my favorite would probably be watching scary movies? 

Have you ever been to an American Girl store?

Yes, several times. 

My questions: 
1. What is your favorite classic novel? And why? 
2. What is your favorite American Girl Doll movie? 
3. If you could switch places with any AG character who would you switch places with? 
4. What is your favorite time period? 
5. Which of Felicity's outfits would you like to own in your size?

I nominate... 
Would you buy an American Girl Doll who was a homeschooler? What is your favorite Sleepover activity? 

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Spring is On Its Way (a Photo Shoot)

Hello everyone, 

Here's a photo shoot for spring. (Ironically, I took these photos in winter.) 

As a reminder you can still leave captions on this round's What's Happening in This Picture. 😉 No one has left captions yet, but don't hesitate to be the first. 

Let's begin:

I really like the photo above. I may end up making it Ana's profile photo. 

I really like this close up. 

I like the angle of this photo. 

I really like this photo. 

Which photo is your favorite? And are you excited for spring?