Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Doll Photography #10

     Previous parts: #1#2#3#4#5#6, #7#8 and #9

Here's another installment of the doll photography series. In this series, I include photographs that didn't make it into photo shoots or photo stories, or photos that I didn't have a post for in general. 

Also a reminder: you can still leave captions on this round's What's Happening in this Picture here

Let's begin:  

This photo didn't get included in The Sibling Tag. But I really like how it turned out and the angle of it. 

This didn't get included in the lyrical photo shoot of Emerson, but I really like the closeup of her boots. 

A closeup of Emily from the same post as the photo of Marie-Grace.
 I really like the composition of it. 

I really like the way she tilts her head in this photo. 

I really like the composition of this photo. It looks like she is staring off into the distance at something. 

I really like this photo of Elizabeth Bennet.

Which photo is your favorite? 

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

What's Happening in This Picture #12 (+ Winning Caption)

                                             Hello everyone,

                          I'm happy to announce the winner of this round's What's Happening in This Picture?

              Congratulations Ananka at Ananka's Photos, you won this round! Here's the caption: 

                                 W: "Oh my Ichabod why are you so tiny."

                                      Now for a new photo to caption: 

What are Molly and Emily doing? Why is Molly on the ground? 
Why are Molly and Emily dressed up? Post your captions in the comments down below. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Beautiful in Blue (A Photo Shoot)

Hello everyone, 
I'm back with another photo shoot. I thought it was about time to share this one...

I really like how her dress contrasts with the background of this photo. 

I like the angle of this photo. 

I really like this photo of her sword. 

I like the way this photo looks. 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Which photo is your favorite? And have you seen the movie, Wonder Woman

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

What's Happening in This Picture #11 (+ Voting)

Hello everyone, 

I had a lot of fun reading everyone's captions. :) 

Here are the captions from this round to vote on:

Caption from Treesa at Fashion Doll Memoirs

Ichabod: "The subject of today's physics lesson is the optical effect known as 'forced perspective'. There are two major factors at play in the creation of forced perspective, distance and scaling. Can anyone give me an example of forced perspective? Yes, Willow?"

Willow: "When I saw you in the hallway, you looked your regular height. But when you stand in front of the classroom and I'm sitting in back, you look elf height."

Caption from Ananka at Ananka's Photos
W: "Oh my Ichabod why are you so tiny."

Caption from Anonymous: 
At last we are together across the Space Time Continuum! My study of physics has allowed me to manipulate the fabric of time and space!

Ichabod, it's me! I was Katrina in a former life! Oh, Ichabod, Brom was not the man for....

Oh wait, why are you so small? calculations did not lead me to expect this outcome...what's that you are saying? I can't hear you...don't worry, it should only take me a few more years to work this out...

And here is the way you can vote for your favorite one. You can either vote on this Google form here (which is anonymous, it won't record any information about you), or you can comment down below and choose your favorite caption from this post: