Saturday, November 27, 2021

Give Thanks! (Thanksgiving Tag)

Happy (late) Thanksgiving! 

 I was tagged by Hailey at Hailey's Joyful Dolls. Thank you so much, Hailey. 😁

Even though I do normally make posts on holidays, I decided I would do this one a little after. I wanted to use the tag to reflect on Thanksgiving, rather than posting it directly on the day. 

The logo:

The rules:

1. Answer the questions truthfully :)

2. Tag 1-10 friends 

3. Comment Give Thanks! or Be Thankful :) or you can feature it in your blog post

4. Tag the creator 

5. Use the Give Thanks! - Thanksgiving Tag photo (the photo I used above) if you want to :)

What is your favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving?

I usually like seeing friends and family during that time. It is nice to see family members you have not seen in a long time. 

Do you dress your dolls up for Thanksgiving?

I like to, but I also like to take photos of my dolls outside when the leaves have just fallen. 

What do you eat on Thanksgiving?

Here's a list of some of the foods I like (for Thanksgiving):

* Cranberry relish. 

* Pie, different types of pies (Cranberry, Pumpkin, etc.) 

* Pumpkin Bread. 

* Turkey. 

What are you thankful for this year?

In no particular order: 

* My Family (including our dogs, who are part of the family). 

* My Dolls 

* My blogs 

* Yoga and Tai Chi 

* My teachers 

* The Theatre 

* Animation and art 

* The fact that Zoom exists (the world would be so quiet otherwise). 

* My friends. 

Did you or do you plan on taking a family photo with your dolls?

I plan to, it seems like fun.  I haven't done it in a long time, so I think it would be fun to do again. 

Did you enjoy this tag?

Yes I did. It was really fun and I enjoyed answering the questions. 

I tag: 

Queen Elsa




And anyone who wants to do it. (Given that I am a little late to doing this, feel free to do the tag next Thanksgiving if you want). 

The questions (for copy and pasting purposes): 

What is your favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving?

Do you dress your dolls up for Thanksgiving?

What do you eat on Thanksgiving?

What are you thankful for this year?

Did you or do you plan on taking a family photo with your dolls?

Did you enjoy this tag?

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What are you thankful for? And do you dress up your dolls for different holidays? 


Saturday, November 20, 2021

What's Happening in This Picture #5 (My Favorite Captions + Voting)

Hello everyone!

I had a lot of fun reading your captions for this picture. 😃

Here are my favorite captions from this round, if your caption didn't get chosen don't be upset, I can only choose a small amount of captions for each picture. 

Here are the captions: 

Caption from Sadie at Cinnamon Bears and Salsa AG :

Sherlock: can I help you, young lady?

Kit *keeps reading*

Sherlock: DO YOU NEED HELP!!!!!

kit: how rude. *reads on*

Kit *realizes her mistake* OMG ITS SHERLOCK HOLMES!!!

Caption from Hailey at Hailey's Joyful Dolls:

Kit: Omg it's Sherlock Holmes, I Love your books Sherlock

Sherlock: What books?

Caption from Treesa at Fashion Doll Memoirs:  

Kit: When I read, sometimes it feels like the characters are right in the room with me.

Caption from Elephant's Child at Elephant's Child

Kit: Are you going to tell me what gave the murderer away this time? Please?

Vote for your favorite caption, you can either vote in the comments down below or through this Google form: 


Saturday, November 13, 2021

Elm (A Photo Shoot)

Hello fellow Doll lovers! 

I thought I would do a post featuring Elm, since I already did a customization of her here
Elm is a character of my mine, who is a dryad with a magical singing voice. 
Also, if you want to, you can still leave a caption in this round's What's Happening in This Picture?

Anyway onto the photo shoot: 

I really like the composition of this photo. 

I really like this photo, it looks like Elm is walking down a path.

I really like this photo for some reason. 

Which photo is your favorite?

Friday, November 5, 2021

What's Happening in This Picture #4 (+ Winning Caption)

 Hello everyone, 

I am happy to announce the winner of this round... 

Congratulations, Hailey at Hailey's Joyful Dolls, you won this round! Here's the caption: 

Hara: Come Aphrodite we have to get this just right

Aphrodite: Ugh why are we even recreating this stupid painting anyway?

Hara: It's not stupid it's a work of art

Now for a new photo to caption: 

What are Sherlock and Kit doing? Why are they on a bookshelf? What book is Kit reading? Post your captions down below in the comments section.