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why I think they should bring back Elizabeth and add Ben to Felicity's Collection

Hi everyone!:)
The reason why this title is so long is because I had a lot to talk about (and I couldn't think of way to shorten it.) So...let's begin, American Girl recently brought back Felicity and added a boy doll (Logan).  I thought since they recently added Felicity back, they should bring Elizabeth back into the collection, as well as adding Ben (a character from Felicity's book).  Also since I like Felicity and her story I feel like there should be more than one doll in her collection.

Here are the reasons why....

Why I think they should add Ben 

Ben was an interesting character in the books and in the movie. Even though he is slightly older than Felicity, I think it would be good to know what men wore at the time (in doll form).  American Girl stopped including illustrations inside their books and the part of the historical books, called looking back at the past, no longer shows pictures of what people wore in that time period.

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I think that Ben's clothes would be interesting to have, because girls could dress up their Felicity doll in boy's clothes, as well as having colonial clothes for their boy doll. It is also part of the story that Felicity dresses up as a boy and they don't have any clothes for her like that. The outfit that is pictured above I think would be a awesome "Meet outfit" for Ben (I also think his hairstyle would look awesome on a doll). 

There is also another reason why I think it would be good to add Ben to Felicity's collection. Felicity has come back and all her stories from her point of view as a patriot are put into 2 or 3 books (and I don't think they have added Elizabeth's side as a loyalist into it). I think they should add a boy's point of view of the era into a book, like Felicity's first book except it would be told in Ben's point of view, even though he is a patriot, too, we would be hearing about the American revolution through a boy's perspective and we would be able to see what men and boy's did at that time. 

     Why it would be important to bring back Elizabeth 
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I don't believe they added in Elizabeth's side of the story in Felicity's new book (but I don't know for sure, because I have only read Felicity's original books and not her Beforever ones).  It would be good to be hearing her side of the story since she is a loyalist and we would get a different prespective (like in Ben's we would get to know what men and boy's were allowed to do in the era) 
and would be able to hear what was going on in the American revolution but from a loyalist's perspective. If you only hear it from the patriot's perspective then you get a one-sided idea of the American revolution. 

Unfortunately, we lost her side of the story when American Girl retired the best friend dolls.

In conclusion, Felicity is the only doll in her collection, and we are missing the loyalist's and a boy's  point of view of the American Revolutionary war and story.  
Hope you enjoyed reading the post, I am planning to send American Girl a letter about this. 

What do you think? Do you like my idea of a Ben doll? 
Do you think should American Girl bring back Elizabeth? 



  1. This was a great post. It would be much more fun to have boy's clothing for Felicity to act out that part of the story. And it does seem important to learn the different points of view of girls and boys, patriots and loyalists from early American history. I think both of your suggestions, to bring back Elizabeth and add Ben, are good ones! Do you think they should bring back Felicity's horse, too?

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you like the idea!:) I enjoyed writing it. Ever since they made Logan, I always thought it would be cool, if they made Ben
      (Benjamin) into a doll. And, unfortunately, they haven’t brought Penny (Felicity’s horse) back, but I think it would be cool if they did.
      Thank you for the comment!:)

  2. I think they should bring back all the best friend dolls!

    1. I do too!:) It would be awesome if AG brought back all the best friend dolls.


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