Friday, January 26, 2018

Tricorn Hats & Buckled Shoes (A Photo Shoot)

Hi everyone! 
Today I thought was a perfect day to post a photo shoot, 
anyway here it is: 

I really like this photo of Felicity's necklace (that allows her to time travel).

I really like the angle of this photo. 

I really like how this picture turned out. 

                           I like this picture of Felicity's tricorn hat, because of the angle.

I thought this picture turned out well. 

Felicity suddenly decided to fall asleep during the photo shoot, 
so, of course, I took a picture of her lying in the grass in the sun. 

                        Which photo is your favorite? 
                   And what is your favorite clothing from the Colonial era? 

P.S. This is a update on the doll colonial hairstyle project. I have the materials that I needed, and I think I will be able to work on it, and I plan to make it the next thing I post.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day! (post by Plum)

Hi everyone, this is Plum.

Martin Luther King Jr. day is such an amazing day! It honors Dr. King's work and life spent fighting for equal rights for African Americans.

I am happy to celebrate this day in honor of all the African Americans who fought for freedom, equal rights, and the right to vote.

How do you plan on celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day!? (Quinley and I both made posts.) And I hope you have a Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!:) 

Your Friend,

Monday, January 8, 2018

Doll Photography #5

Hi everyone!:) Just so you know I am still working on the doll colonial hairstyle post, just at the moment I can't find the materials that I need, and I am still taking a few pictures for it. 
In the meantime I decided today was a good day to share some of my doll photography: 

               This is a picture of Lindsey, I liked how it turned out. And I am also planning on
               making her into Lindsey Stirling.

I don't believe I have posted this picture of Fay before,
but I really like her pose in this picture.  
                               I really like this picture of Loorena,
                                because I like how her hair looks against her face.
                                 I like this picture of Madeline Hatter because it looks like she is
                                 considering wether she should open the book (kind of like Pandora's box). 

Which photo is your favorite? 
P.S.  I will respond to comments from my previous posts as soon as I can.