Wednesday, March 1, 2017

An unexpected photo shoot

hello everyone.... 

I decided that today I would do a photo-shoot with my dolls, Tauriel and Legolas 
(Tauriel's outfit is still in process of being made)

                                             This one is currently being used as her profile photo 

this one is my favorite 

                                           This one reminds me of the riders of rohan scene


Hope you liked the photo-shoot 

Which Photos your favorite? feel free to comment below 



  1. They look so much like the real people!!! *flails*
    Hola, fellow LOTR lover! XD

    1. Greetings fellow LOTR lover!:)
      Thank you by the way for saying that it means a lot to know you like my pictures.


  2. Replies

    1. Thank you, Chelly!:)The pictures were fun to take.


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