Thursday, October 31, 2019

The White Lady (a lyrical photoshoot)

Happy Halloween! This is the first time I've done a photo shoot, and have written poetry to go along with it. Usually, I simply write what I like about the photos, but this time, it is poetry and photos. If you are confused about the title, a white lady is a female ghost seen wearing white. :

                                         She floated along the moor, 

                                             And is the talk of the town's core, 

                                                  She haunts the creeks, 
                                                        And frightens the meek, 

                                                          Her red hair flowing, 

                                                         and her body glowing, 

                                                   That would often lead travelers astray, 
                                                 On the most damp and rainy day, 

                                                    What cause of her death may be? 
                                                   Well, you shall see... 

                                                 She received word that her lover, 
                                             from her most heart wrenched mother, 

                                               had been drowned in the waves, 
                                               this caused tears, 

                                                    from which her mother peered, 
                                                Unknowing what the fates had in store, 

                                              For it was soon that she ran out the door, 
                                             Into the damp and forbidden moor, 
                                       What happened exactly is unknown, 

                            But many hear her long moans echoing through the night, 
                           giving many a fright. 

What did you think of the poem? And which photo was your favorite? 



  1. Interesting lyrics. You're very good at writing poetry.

  2. Creepy poem and photoshoot! Great job!!!


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